Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds: The Crystal

Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds the crystal is the first book of a three part series. 

Zoe Evans is a young girl on a mission to understand the secrets of her family’s history.  From an early age she has heard stories about her grandfather, Jasper Evans, who had a crystal that shined like the sun.  Interested by what she heard she always wanted to learn more but found others in the family unwilling to discuss their memories of her grandfather as his life was shrouded in secrecy.

In a chance meeting with the Voice Zoe acquires a crystal of her own and begins a long journey of learning about the possible worlds that exist around her.

Possible Worlds is a novel that explores the unknown realms of the quantum world.  If the idea of parallel dimensions, multidimensionality and time travel interests you, then you will definitely become absorbed in this book and it is for you!

Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds the Crystal is available from Booklocker.com and Amazon.co.uk.


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