Reflections on the movie #TheDarkTower



There is no doubt that the movies we are seeing today are becoming darker and darker. Quite frankly our world and what we deem normal has radically shifted since 2001 and 9/11. The measure of what we understand to be right and wrong is changing right in front of our eyes and the information and symbolism paraded in our movies, news, entertainment and music videos is becoming an advanced weapon to groom us into a world of perversion and dark magic. I recently had the displeasure of watching the movie #TheDarkTower, and I was very disturbed by what I saw. I find more and more that I have to be careful of what I watch because it can really 
affect me energetically.
The Dark Tower is based on a set of short stories first published by Stephen King in the early 80s and later tied together into a collection of novels. The first book of the series centers on the Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, and his quest to catch the Man in Black, and reach the dark tower. Along his journey, he encounters Jake Chambers who together helps him fight his nemesis. This is the crux of the plot line of what we see unfold in the Dark Tower movie. The premise of the book is set in a parallel universe sometime in the future with a Western style. I admit I love the work of Stephen King. I was raised on his books, movies, and many mini-series. I also don’t mind themes of darkness or esoteric subjects for obvious reasons, but there was something very sinister and unsettling about this movie.
The use of children in mind control experiments is becoming a subject that more and more people are becoming aware of yet we are still far away from full understanding. There is a lot of information about the Montauk Project available online and in book form for further research but in a nutshell the secret experiments at Montauk authorised by the United States were conducted to explore time travel, teleportation and the creation of mind controlled assassins and spies. Many of the test subjects were children who were homeless and taken from the streets or abducted and stolen used in appalling ways that will truly make you cringe, to create individuals with great psychic powers who could be used in a variety of ways. The Netflix TV show #StrangerThings directly pulls its subject matter from Montauk. The show has since gone viral, however, the question ‘Do people truly understand what they are watching?’ needs to be asked.
In the Dark Tower the Man in Black is obsessed with children who have the shine. Of course we are introduced to the this concept in Stephen King’s The Shining. In this book and movie, the little boy can see and hear those on the other side. This concept is replicated further in the Dark Tower books and movie . In The Dark Tower, children are used to destroy a tower that helps to keep stability and harmony between all the parallel universes. By scaring the children through a harness they wear over their heads whilst sitting in a chair, they emit a rush of energy that attacks the tower and creates shock waves, or earthquakes, in the earth’s reality where Jake Chambers comes from.
stranger things

What I find really sad is that when people watch this movie they instantly believe it to be make believe and just entertainment. However, Hollywood movies are constantly crossing over into the dark aspects and themes of our world and presenting it as a bit of fun when in actuality it is based on fact. To understand this point further here is a link to an interview from a participant from one of the Montauk experiments where he says, “AP: I was involved in an off shoot of the Montauk Project called the Montauk chair. Basically the Montauk chair was developed to give the human and spirit a zero point of reference to facilitate time travel. What the chair essentially does is separate the mind from the body. The chair operator’s thoughts and vibrational energy is picked up by umbrella looking antennas above the chair, sent to a computer, over to a processor, then amplified several hundred times. The information is sent to a network of free energy crystals arranged in a circle. Then whatever thoughts were amplified, i.e., a time period, a wormhole would open up in the
room. The wormhole was as large as 16-18 feet across and even large enough for a truck to go through. In Camp Hero, Montauk, the location is the cross hairs of the earth’s biorhythms and is the point on earth where time travel is most easily accomplished when earth is the point of origin.” source
The movies Matthew McConaughey has appeared in has changed quite dramatically in recent years. I remember him being a loveable pervert in Dazed and Confuesed, and a conscious freedom fighting lawyer in the movie Armistad. He was fantastic in Interstellar, but in the last few years and certainly since he won his Oscar for The Dallas Buyers Club I have noticed that his roles have been getting darker and darker. The television show True Detective was very difficult to watch as it focused on a well-connected and powerful Pedophile ring who could not be caught. In this movie, he has truly stepped over into the dark side as a dark sorcerer known as the Man in Black.
In conclusion, if you are finding that you are sensitive to energy then watch The Dark Tower with caution. It is more than simply a film for entertainment.