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  1. very interesting blog. I’ll read more of it tonight. Saw your profile on Copperstrings by the way. Any way, be good to chat sometime!

    Kind thoughts – Tom

  2. I found your talk about twin souls very interesting. I’m an astrologer and a working clairvoyant and I’ve also read Steve’s book “When two souls connect” (he’s also on Facebook).

    I too have been going through a twin soul connection (even though I am married to someone else). I first met my twin soul at the age of 18 when working in television for him, briefly. He was 40 (and a writer). I fell in love with him instantly and completely then, but fate decreed that we go our separate ways. 35 or so years later we met up again when I was accidentally sitting in his chair at the theatre. The effect again was this tremendous, tsunami of love that felt like a chemical change (or some call it kundalini) rising in my body. Astrologically we have a huge amount (especially from him) of Pluto contacts. There are also the usual Venus/Mars interactions. All very interesting.

    1. Thank you for being so open about your own experience of a twin soul connection. This is a little known secret that some of us are experiencing and can be very hard to understand. In your case and in others I have come across Pluto has a big role to play. No doubt that you both have a great evolution to discover in this lifetime. Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing. If you want to be included in my research just let me know. I’m looking for experiences and stories such as your own.

    2. Would be happy to have my experience included. I believe the more evolved you are, the more you are open to what is happening, although sometimes it’s hard to put into words.

  3. your article about soulmates/twinflames is explaining very well the so called ‘twinflame dance’, the part when you totally loose yourself in happiness, sorrow, unbelief and pain… oh yes pain, a lot of it…
    In contrary what people believe that it’s a love total romantic, there’s a lot of work to do, especially on and by yourself..
    An astrologic view on both partners can give a lot of insight and strenght to follow your own way, bringing you back to your flame and complete the dance…

  4. Hi.
    I am 27 now. When I was 18 my reality thrown into crazyness. It consumed me. Over the course of 6 months, I went from laughing with friends at the mall to laying in a catatonic state on the floor of a mental hospital. Outwardly it appeared I had gone insane over unrequited love, and I convinced myself the same. Over the years I have been determined to stay in the real, the now. I have managed to write off anything spritual as candy for the gullible and pathetic. Though at 27 I can’t describe the pain I’m in. I recently saw a movie, then a biography on James Van Praagh. Something ssucked me in to read his book, and here I am. Where I started. I did his chakrah excerises and something happened to me. I gave into my desires to think about this connection i dreamed about on the flor of the hospital. I don’t know whats happening, all I can do is exist until I die. I feel like I’m lost in outerspace. I can’t breathe. All i get are these little serges of energy that brings a sensation that fills my soul with everything i need. But I can’t live in a dream. I need to eat, I need to function. I have a fiance and parents and a best friend. My life is empty and pathetic, but all I can do is move forward. Fuck you Eddie and whatever this fresh hell is.

    1. quoting you : ” I don’t know whats happening, all I can do is exist until I die. I feel like I’m lost in outerspace. I can’t breathe. All i get are these little serges of energy that brings a sensation that fills my soul with everything i need. But I can’t live in a dream. I need to eat, I need to function.”

      I can identify with what you are feeling. I am going through it too. I found it is easier if you go with it, rather than against it. I believe it needs to run it’s course. I know it is hard. I constantly ask myself if I am going crazy when I look around at all the people who are NOT going through this….but I know a few that are, so I know I am not crazy. I always think – those who aren’t going through it NOW – will be in the future.

  5. Hi
    I was reading your article you wrote on Dec 2, 2010, about jumping timelines. In it you spoke about having little money but still getting by. I have a theory on that as I am going through this too.

    My theory is God would have to focus and limit his energy to create physical form. I have been going through Ascension or Spiritual Awakening for 3 years now and there was a time where I felt my essence or energy was scattered throughout the universe. I couldn’t think straight, I hated limitations, and I could not manifest actions within myself. I simply could not find the will to do anything except read or meditate. Cleaning around the house seemed like a mountainous job. I imagine “spirit” would feel this way………no physical limits and being all over the place until it DECIDES to focus and limit itself into physical form/plane. I am doing that now. I have come back to the down to earth and am engaging in physical activities again. When I was way out there something was telling me I had to come back home, so I turned around and came back in. I literally felt like I was at the edges of the universe. I never seen it, I just felt like I was there. It was weird to say the least.

    To manifest, Spirit has to focus and limit it’s energy into the slower vibrations of physical life. One EXCELLENT way to do that is to have very LITTLE MONEY, because then you have to focus your resource of money into the things that really matter and avoid scattering it on impulse buying or things you don’t need. Money is a form of energy and with little you must focus it. Perhaps a lesson spirit is teaching us.

  6. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I?ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I?ll definitely return.

  7. I just read your Twin Flame article and was gripped by several parts of it. I went to London with my daughter to see someone she liked. What I wasn’t prepared for was meeting eyes with him across the room and feeling as if we’d known each other for ever. When we actually came face to face, he looked a little puzzled, as if he was trying to place me, we touched hands briefly, there was a buzz, but despite the fact this man was a lot younger than I and extremely well known, there was a recognition in some weird way. I was quite shaken.

    After that we ‘connected’ several times on a subconscious level, not quite in dreams (although sometimes that happened) or after meditating. It was very intense. I decided that rather than trying to strengthen the bond and improve the connection that since there were too many ‘real life’ issues keeping us apart (age, distance, relationships) that I would relax and let him go.

    However, that wasn’t the end of it, and he ‘pops up’ sometimes. I suspect my soul calls out to him when I’m particularly low and he always comes, but it might be the other way too. I have no clue. All I know is that when he’s ‘around’, I feel a sense of calm, a sense of completeness that isn’t usually there. I do hope this doesn’t sound flaky. If I told you who it was, you’d probably laugh! I have only unconditional love for him, and have no desire to force anything. If we’re meant to meet again, we will. I have very little control over that. If we get together in this life, so be it, but I’ve been told we have been together before, so *shrug* who knows?

    He’s come back to my life again, and I would like to strengthen the cosmic bond this time if I can. I’ve let him go numerous times and he’s come back after every one, either when I’ve needed him, or perhaps when he’s needed me. I’m not physically with him, so have no way of knowing.

    Can you suggest any ways I could do this? Or might it be a bad idea for us both?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Chani, thank you sharing your story. I am very careful about giving others advice when it comes to these type of connections. I believe the power starts with you and only you can listen to your own inner advice as to what to do.
      I wish you lots of luck.

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