No safe place only safe DNA

Hello everyone.  So sorry for the short respite.  I’ve been completely rushed off of my feet  since the beginning of the year and it has taken me a while to catch up with myself. 

So, we’ve finally made it to 2011.  This is going to be an action packed year so I’ll warn you now.  Not only on the public stage but also in our own private lives.  If you’ve been trying to move forward with new projects but haven’t been getting anywhere then this year is the year.  Many of us have been focused on 2012 as being the true start of the shift but from all accounts and resources I’ve listened to the new will be very obvious by the Autumn of 2011.  What that looks like and what will transpire is still to be confirmed but I think it is safe to say that only the very stubborn and completely unevolved will not notice that their world is changing rapidly.

And let’s just talk about the change in the world.  The events in Egypt are absolutely phenemonal.  At this point in time Mubarak is still trying to cling on to his power although he has divulged in principle his powers and duties to his Deputy.  If the Egyptians keep hanging on and doing what they have been they will overcome this and win the battle, and when they do the spirit of revolution will go viral.   I want to call 2011 the’ year of revolutions’ because it will be very contagious. 

We are in some great times and this is the time so many of us have fought so hard to be here for.  There is nothing to be afraid of as so many of us we will be kept safe during this changing landscape.  I want to use an expression Jelaila Starr has used, ‘There is no safe place only safe DNA.’  I know many people have a hard time with all of the information she puts forward about Nibiru but I definitely resonate with her theory that if you have been doing the necessary clearing work and facing your fears over these last few gruelling years you will not need to experience pain and confusion when the shit hits the fan.  We bring to us the people and experiences we need to help wake us up. So many of us have already seen the darker days and will not need these experiences in future.  Instead, we will become the beacons of light, the lighthouse in the middle of chaos to help inform others as to what is going on as I do believe we will all just wake up one day and realise our whole world has completely changed.

So, all of those dark times we have experienced over the last few years.  The nasty characters that have tried to hurt us, the lost opportunities we have had to face as our lives fall apart, the bad health, the financial ruin, the tears and pain of loss its all been to help us clear our emotional baggage.  So, if you have done the work and are doing the work this is now our time to start to live again and be safe while the world around us goes through its own emotional clearing stage. 

I have included Jelaila Starr’s video which talks about this concept.  It is very interesting and worth a look. 

Emotional clearing provides safety

Until next time.  Valentine.

Have you been in the void lately? A message from Karen Bishop

It’s funny how synchronicity works I was just thinking the other day how I need to write a post about the strange void I have been in this summer.  I have had a couple of new projects launch for myself, like the publication of my novel Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds the Crystal, but yet find things not moving in the manner I had expected.  Alot of shifting, starting, and stopping.   I’m sure I have not beeen the only one to experience this as many of us often experience the same things at the same time. 

I have written about being in the void in previous posts.  Void periods are just as the word suggests, no movement can occur.  This time round for myself, this void has been very strange because things have slightly moved forward and I’m not completely shut away from others. I have not been kept isolated as I grow, shift and purge as in times past.  But trying to find any stability with anything has been very difficult and a holding pattern has been prevalent.

We have been through a series of very high energy aspects astrologically.  The summer time is always energetically high generally with the summer solsice in June.  But this summer we had a very emotional eclipse in Cancer and Capricorn to stir things up.  The high potent cardinal climax in August set alot of things on fire for many of us who have planets in the early cardinal degrees.  And to top it off the solar flare emissions have begun again after being dormant for quite some time.  Many of us have been assimilating these energies and I do not feel that these energies have settled in any way.  Creating this strange void effect for many of us.  I expect November and December to be action packed months for the world and most likely the time many of us will begin to move forward.

Out of the blue a couple of days ago I recieved a message from Karen Bishop, who has appeared from her self imposed exile.  If you signed up to get the latest news from her before her departure back in the Spring then you will have recieved this message as well.  She is no longer writing the wings posts that many of us have followed over the years and I had wondered if we would ever hear from her again.  There was a bit of a backlash against Karen Bishop right before she left but I have always found her writings to be very relevant.  No one person has all the answers and this is what we must remember.  We are our own best guidance! Yet, I have found her words to explain very much what I have been experiencing.  So, enjoy thee message from Karen I have provided below.  And I’ll be back soon with another post.

(I have just been watching the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games that is taking place in Delhi, India as I sit here and write.  They have just completed a performance devoted to yoga and at the end of it the outline of a giant buddha appears with the chakras moving upwards.  This is absolutely fantastic to see on national television.  Every once in awhile I see glimpses of the shifting consciousness that is afoot.   The negative press given to India about the conditions of the athletes’ village was just a way to keep the consciousness level down.  The opening ceremony had a great energy to it because India is a phenomenal country with a long spiritual past. )

The yoga section of the performance is below in case you would like to see it:

Until next time, Valentine.


September 30, 2010


It is with great pleasure and immense joy that I am blessed to
bring this new message to you. Although I am no longer writing
WINGS messages, within this e-mail is the latest abbreviated
information regarding our human and planetary evolution, from the
last WINGS post up until now. We have reached a very new horizon at
last, and can finally move forward…this latest journey was so
unusual that it is a story I felt was well worth reporting, and I
was also blessed to be asked. Below you will find this latest
planetary update along with information about two new books that
are in the making. Like many of you, I am still in transition
regarding any new endeavors, but for now, I have been guided to
begin my transition in the form of these new books (a total
surprise, not my idea, and books will be but a minor portion of my
new endeavor). For various reasons (relating to our evolutionary
process) these books will only be available in paperback format. No
electronic versions will be offered or produced, and these books
will be distributed through my own company only and not available
on the internet or in stores. All prior Emerging Earth Angels and
What’s Up On Planet Earth? books are no longer available at this
time. To avoid any confusion please know that:  This planetary
update is contained within this email and not on the Emerging Earth
Angels website because:  1) I no longer offer this service and, 2)
in recent months, I moved my website from my old dedicated server
to a new and much smaller server, and because of this, my website
is unable to handle large amounts of traffic (part of my phasing
out of the old). Once again, kindly know that I will not be
resuming the WINGS posts via a new e-mail format, nor posted on a
website, as this part of my old role is now over.

The first book (no title yet) is a manual about the ascension
process and will be a condensed compilation of all eight of the
Emerging Earth Angels and What’s Up  On Planet Earth? books. This
book will be updated, revised, and compact. All one needs to know
about symptoms, scenarios, soul roles, “the plan,” how each of us
fits in, why things happen and unfold the way they do, and
basically, what one can expect from the ascension process and how
it all works will be contained in this compact, condensed, and
revised book. Have you experienced the latest vertigo? Sustained a
multitude of losses? Had hot flashes or felt unusually hot? Been
unable to connect to your “source” or lost your heightened
abilities? Have you felt completely invisible with a need to scream
to get anyone’s attention? These are common ascension occurrences
that will be addressed and explained along with much more within
this new book. If ever you feel confused and unsure of what is
occurring for you and why, chances are you can find it within this
book. This is a suitable book for those in the healing or helping
professions who may have clients going through this process for the
first time. It is also suitable as a reminder for many of us as
well, and the new revisions should put everything in a new and
different perspective.

The second book (still untitled as well) will be comprised of
information specifically related to experiencing a complete death.
The end. What it feels like, what the stages are, what to expect,
how to navigate while in the total emptiness, why it is happening,
why all is in divine order, why you will emerge in a new and very
different space, how to connect to the new you and your new
contribution, and more. I had such a challenging and different
experience this time around that I felt a guidebook was worth
putting out there. And in the new and higher vibrations we are now
experiencing, things are now a bit different as well.

If you would like to be notified when these books and any other
offerings are ready, if you have not already done so, I welcome you
in signing up to the e-list on the Emerging Earth Angels website
(  Please know that the site will
appear to be “down” if experiencing a large amount of traffic, so
you may want to try again at a later time. Your physical mailing
address will also be requested (along with your e-mail address), as
your e-mail address MAY only be viable while the old grid (the
internet) is still in place. A new grid is finally forming…more
about that in the planetary update below.

And now, onto the latest news about our spiritual evolutionary

What a challenging and confusing ride it has been for these past
several months! So many attempts have been made to put a successful
plan (for raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet)
into place, that this latest plan seemed to come out of the blue.
And while we are in it and experiencing it in physical form, we can
easily get blindsided and most certainly flattened, unable to see
the forest for the trees.

At the end of April and beginning of May, it was clear that many of
us were going to be “removed” from the planet for a while, while a
cleansing was taking place. I can remember telling friends that we
would be lifted up like beautiful ornaments on a table while the
table was dusted and cleaned, and then we would be put back down.
But I had no idea it would take this long…nor be so challenging!
For the past three years or so, many of us at our soul levels (or
those at the helm of this process) have been putting together new
and revised plans to support this impending and certain Shift of
the Ages. Many miscalculations were made, all with good intentions,
and this resulted in many changes with the  course and a much
longer and drawn out plan than was anticipated. Very briefly put,
it was thought that the souls here on the planet now would take
over on their own, holding a high vibration and connecting together
like a grid, but not enough souls chose to grow and expand and
thus, we did not take over on our own.

Many attempts were made to try and keep the vibration high enough
by separating from lower vibrations through a separation of the
worlds and then yet another one. Even after we “arrived” in a new
space in the cosmos, this alone did not seem to have an effect on
the tight grip of old patterns and denser and darker energies. Even
in higher vibrating energies, many continued to create the old once

So this latest plan was finally implemented, and with so many of us
acutely weary from the extended time it had taken thus far, this
latest plan really took a tole on many of us. Many also went into
fear as so much that had been “predicted” did not come to pass as
the plan had to continually be tweaked due to unpredictable fear
based behavior patterns by many souls on the earth.  Was everything
over and done with? Was all we had been through one big sad joke?
Did the planet decide to descend into hell instead of into heaven?
Not enough souls were “ready” for a higher vibrating existence nor
ready to connect to one another. So then, a massive cleansing
needed to occur. Many times I likened it to receiving chemotherapy
treatments in tandem with huge “energy bombs” that blew anything
and everything out of its old groove.  More on this later.
Basically, we had a re-run of 2009 during the past several months.
With similar planetary and celestial movements, and similar
experiences, but it is hoped that it will turn out different this
time because of all the cleansing. Let’s cross our fingers. In
addition, many of us have been “removed” for a while, so that is a
bit different too. (Feelings of not being all here, not in our
body, blocked from our creativity, difficulty in waking up in the
morning, memory problems, not on top of our game, etc., are
symptoms of being removed for awhile.) Because of the cleansing
plan, we had to get out of the road. We had to be removed from the
massive energy blasts that were due to hit, and which DID hit! But
there were other reasons as well why many of us needed to duck and

There were those who continued to depend upon others to receive
their light. A few months ago, I visited one of my favorite spots
in Southwest Colorado where I had lived in times past. A huge
energy vortex at the time, it was truly a magical place. But what a
difference now. The higher vibrating energy there had been sucked
dry by many who came to experience this energy. And after awhile,
the higher level energy was finally depleted. This same scenario
was also experienced by souls on the planet who were carrying light
within themselves. They were getting sucked dry and thus needed to
remove themselves for a while in order to give these dependent
souls time to find their own light within themselves and in their
own way.

In this way, a new plan was devised, and even if many of us were
not aware of it, at our soul levels we followed along. We had to
completely cut off from the rest of the planet for a while. If ever
our loving natures ventured out, they were many times taken
advantage of, disrespected, and mistreated.  Many of us had to walk
around the planet sealed tighter than Fort Knox…no openings
allowed. We were simply following the new plan and removing our
energy for a while. The connections consisting of heart energies
remained nonetheless, and so, finding or maintaining these was a
beautiful consolation.

Beginning with the solstice in June, the massive “energy bombings”
arrived. Just when we felt we might be situated somewhere once
again, pow! Along would come a huge hit and we would be knocked out
of our grooves all over again. Everything had to be removed and
usurped from its prior location so that the big heat of the
“chemotherapy” treatments could take hold. So then, everything was
usurped and what did not need to remain was “burned off.”

Experiencing heat stroke with our animal companions and ourselves
was common during this time. Have a lower vibrating thought of fear
or negativity, and the heat brigade would rush in and clean up!
What an intense training in positive and higher vibrating thinking!
Because of all of the above, there was a massive absence of light
during these months. Those holding light were sealed up like a
vault, or under cover, while what remained was being bombarded by
the cleaning crew implementing a massive scrub down and clean up
mission! In this way, there was nothing to connect to. We were
separated from much, and at the same time, in yet another massive
birth canal, unable to see outside of its walls. Completely empty
and surrounded by seeming darkness was a common occurrence. And
those chemotherapy treatments left nothing much within us…we had
to be wiped clean for a very new start. Seemingly no light
anywhere, but lots of destruction and removal everywhere. Many
souls chose to leave the planet during this time as well.

In times past, prior attempts at bringing up the vibration of the
planet allowed for greater wiggle room or certainly more choices to
be made.  But what resulted each and every time was an eventual
allowing, which resulted in the darker or denser energies building
up once again and continuing to grip and hold our new earth in
lower vibrating patterns. So this time, these lower vibrating
energies needed to seriously  be removed so that the light could
finally take hold, take over, and continue growing. No more false
starts, stutters and sputters, and eventual collapses. Serious
action was now called for here. A clean slate was needed for
different choices to be made. In this way, what needs to sprout now
is the light. It needs to dominate. This newest plan then, also
involved a loss of choice and power during these months, but there
was good reason.

We would tell our vehicle to turn right and it would go left. Step
on the brake and we would go forward. Step on the gas and we would
go backwards. Start something new, become excited, and the next day
it would blow up. Try and think of something new, and it would not
gel. A piece would trickle in, we would follow the crumbs (the VERY
FEW crumbs), and then it would suddenly disappear. What was
happening here was an attempt to hold onto a new shore while we
were still flying down the river, not yet at our intended
destination. Not enough had been cleared away to reveal the new and
pristine energy that was to remain. Not time to hold onto anything
quite yet.

All this time we were being divinely protected. Strangely enough,
all our needs were being met, if even in strange and unusual ways.
Something knew more than we did, that there was a light at the end
of this new tunnel, even if we were being blocked from knowing
ourselves, and it guided and protected us all the way. This
something, this beautiful energy from above, these glorious angels
that continue to watch over us, twisted and turned us into grooves
that would keep us safe, untouched as much as possible, and most
certainly, in alignment with our very new spaces, even if we were
still unsure what and where these spaces would be.

After we were done experiencing the massive pressure tunnel created
by all the celestial events beginning with the solstice, we finally
landed somewhere on August 8th. We may have felt that we were
finally “somewhere,” that we were now home and that we could
exhale. But only for a few days, as it did not stick. During this
time we may have felt like we were in a parallel universe, or
perhaps we had gone back in time, or even felt unsure of where we
truly were. Like two massive ships docking side by side, attempting
to connect to each other, one parallel universe to another, we may
have felt great but only for about four days. We bounced out of the
new connection. Things really got tough after that because there
was NOTHING to hold onto then. Plans that had been put in place
were suddenly changed, new information received was suddenly not
implemented, and this was when things really got tough.

Many souls left the planet during this time. My prior husband Phil
passed away suddenly from a massive stroke and heart attack. With
all the losses and deterioration during this time, it was a
challenging time for many. As August neared its end, the “energy
bombings” ended as well. Then the “releasing” began (the dizziness
and vertigo felt from our light bodies assisting in taking us
somewhere new was common during this time). We were beginning a
process of being released from old obligations and much of anything
that had been holding us down and keeping us back. By
mid-September, the releasing process was gaining momentum and the
message was clear that we were DONE. We had completed this
monumental phase and we were finally done. We were done with all we
had agreed to do this past year, and even done with all we had
agreed to do for the entire first BOOK of the ascension process. We
were now free and clear. We may have felt like suddenly travelling,
starting a brand new life, and so forth, as we prepared ourselves,
FINALLY, for the new.

Even though many of us experienced great challenges during this
time, there were others who held the level below us steady. Their
work was thriving, and they seemed untouched. “Why am I suffering
so, and Joe is having his best year yet?!” we may have wondered.
“Am I being punished for something?” Everything could not
transition at once, or crash at once, or the planet would be in
quite a catastrophe! So then, now that many of us are “done,” we
will now connect to each other and create a brand new grid. An
energy “pin” has been put into place to hold things steady until
these new connections are complete. And when they are complete,
this “pin” will be removed and the level below us will then begin
to collapse.

Is the internet going to collapse too? No one can predict a
scenario like this, but it has certainly outlived its original and
pristine purpose and become contaminated like so many other arenas.
The “New Age” movement is over as well, but where we will find
ourselves is on an even playing field with those who match us
through heart connections.

Many made great strides during this time. We adjusted our personal
energy patterns where they needed adjusting (I am still not done
yet!), and in this way, we will finally be able to connect to one
another as was originally planned. Our energies are much more
subtle now, if we allow them to be. But there are yet others who
have not chosen to benefit from looking within and making changes.
We will find ourselves connecting to those with whom we belong, and
thank goodness, because we can no longer go it alone. We need this
new grid, and it will be comprised of each and every one of us who
have chosen to stay and continue on with the creation and/or
experience of the new planet earth.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and
miracles in your life during these miraculous times,

Karen Bishop (for now!)

Releasing the old 3D world and accelerating into 5D consciousness is hard work

There is no doubt that we are living in precarious times.  I often ask people that I know if they actually believe we are still living in the same world we were born into.  I often get a strange look but it’s not an odd question it just depends on the consciousness ladder you are residing on.  I have come to the conclusion that experiencing ascension is a strange ride.  When I listen to others who describe their kundalini awakening as a blissful moment full of love I have no idea what they are talking about.  My kundalini awakening was painful and brought on psychosis and soon after my life collasped and is still collasping as we speak.  I have previously written about my own experience of kundalini awakening in older posts so if you are experiencing this right now please look through the archives. 

 This phenomena which is being labelled ascension is meant to release you from the old level of consciousness you were born into and transform you into the true powerful being you truly are.  This in itself is fantastic I can’t tell you how much more clued in I am now since my kundalini kicked off which is a great gift.  I have also become more focused and eager to live my true purpose.  A few years ago I would not have had the confidence to be writing this blog.  But in the same breath I have become marginalised from friends and family and I often find myself alone as very few can relate to me as I have shifted and raised my vibration so much that I no longer resonate with the majority of those around me.  This is one of the biggest indicators that suggest you are leaving the old 3D world behind.  Everything that was created there has to be pruned, released and reborn.  This is not an easy journey there is alot of loss that is involved.  There is plenty of information about the shift of consciousness coming to this planet and when we look at what is happening in our world the collaspe is very evident.  It is a moderately slow collaspe not everything is disappearing all at the same time but the intensity is certainly gathering momentum.  And just as in the macro in the micro we are experiencing these shifts and changes in our own lives too.  Part of the old framework is still there but the background is shifting and changing. 

Although I am more than happy to leave the old 3D world behind I do wonder if the 5D ‘new’ earth will be a better place.  At the moment very few of us are there on a regular basis.  We are sort of in limbo probably popping in and out as we still have to have regular contact with the old ways.  Also, there is so much division and deception within the new age community that I’m of the belief that there is still a long road to travel down.  I can’t tell you just how much junk is out there at the moment and I as many others have fallen prey to it from time to time.  There are so many self proclaimed gurus telling us how we should feel and what is what, and to me this is disappointing.  I have always loved the metaphysical world from an early age but just as everything else is collasping to be reborn I would say that this area is not immune.  It too needs to be cleared out so that the new and genuine can be born in its place.

So, I imagine at least for the time being that the new 5D earth will still have some hurdles to overcome as we slowly make the shif towards this new consciousness.  For each of us that which is no longer working for us is currently being taken away whether we like it or not inorder for us to move forward.  Relationships are breaking down, friendships ending and money, well, that’s a whole other subject but let’s be honest it’s pretty non-existent for those of us currently making this shift.  How many of us have even managed to keep a roof over our heads in the last few years is a miracle to say the least.  It’s been a very difficult time for many.

Yes making this shift of consciousness is hardwork.  It is tiring physically and mentally.  The aches, the pains, the tears,  the disappointments.  Cleaning out the soul in order to shift vibrationally is not just about feeling at peace with oneself there are also some distressing moments that need to be embraced, understood and resolved.  And this is part of the true journey. We must learn to assimilate the light and dark within us.  Some days the dark wins and other days the light.  We are humans and these qualities exist within us equally.  So, don’t feel bad if you are not shifting to 5D consciousness peacefully.  Some days I go kicking and screaming, other days with pain in my heart.  This is hard work and there are many out there who do not understand what we are going through.  They are not into this and probably never will be.  It still doesn’t stop the fact that this is happening and they too are shifting even if  they do not realise it, so keep your head up and feel with your heart.  That which does not resonate with you does not have to become part of your belief system or be embraced by you. 


Planetary Ascension Symptoms

I know I have been feeling alot of pressure in my crown chakra area along with a few other niggles here and there and if I am then others are too. So I thought I’d present an article directly focused on Ascension symptoms as the energies are currently very heavy at the moment and with the upcoming cardinal cross in August these energies will continue to build.  If you do a web search you will find plenty of information on ascension symptoms, but I feel it always helps getting another perspective from someone else.  We do not have to suffer alone, even though sometimes it feels like we are but many of us are suffering with the same symptoms. I have decided to rename the term at least for my own reference as I feel the common term Ascension symptoms conjures up images of the rapture and may be a bit unapproachable for those who are new to all of this. 

There is plenty of information on the web and in books that discuss the times we are now in.  To recap we are no longer on the timeline for death and destruction which had been prophesied by so many.  Anilihation was very much on the cards for the human race but this has now all changed. In its place a new timeline has emerged with new beginnings allowing a new consciousness not seen for many ages to perservere on our planet.  This new age is termed the Age of Aquarius.  A move towards more balance in our society is very real.  Many of the changes we are seeing in our financial systems on a global scale are only confirming that the old ways are no longer being permitted.  We will continue to see the destruction of old systems whether they be financial or political at an alarming rate so in a sense we are still very much only at the beginning of a great change to come.

This is due to the new arrival of energy entering our Earth through high level frequencies being carried by solar storms.  The energy of the solar storms carries with it new coded information that work with Earth’s magnetics.  Alot of research has been done on the shift of Earth’s magnetosphere in the last few years as it has shifted quite dramatically.  The Earth also has a new spin again this has been researched and well documented and since 2004 this has become ever more prevalent. Many of the lightworker family have also been working whether consciously or unconsciously to help raise the vibration of the planet  which over the years has taken its toll on many of us.  For some we have now been released from this, while others take our place fighting the dark and helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

One of the first symptoms I feel impoortant to note is the raising of your kundalini. From this point many of the symptoms you face will be related to this shift of energetics that takes place in the body.  In one of my articles I discuss my own experience when my kundalini began to awake.  I won’t review the story here but suffice is to say I had no idea what was going on with me. Kundalini awakenings are like alarm clocks going off in the DNA signalling that it is time for the body to make a shift.  Many of us are experiencing spontaneous kundalini awakenings which is unprecendented.  You are not alone in this. Kundalini awakenings for some create great anxiety in the body and I believe anxiety plays very much into the release of kundalini. I was an anxiety wreck for years before my kundalini even released and once it did for another year or so I suffered very badly with anxiety and panic attacks.  Then one day suddenly the anxiety disappeared and I began to be calm. My body felt as if it had been cleared of a great weight and I literally felt lighter.  A good reliever of anxiety is hynoptherapy this will help you to clear your emotional body and get rid of the fears and blockages that you are being forced to face. It will also help you control the anxiety and panic attacks. It may not relieve these symptoms completely but it will offer much needed assistance without having to take mainstream medications.

Of course feelings of anxiety will bring on interrupted sleep and sleeping problems are very much a symptom of ascension related problems.  Only a few years ago I was barely sleeping and when I did I would sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and then wake up.  I went through a long cycle where I would take an eternity to fall asleep then wake up at 3.00am and stay awake for the rest of the night.  These type of sleep cycles are quite common and again you are not alone even though it feels like it in the dead of night.

Feeling extremely hot and extremely cold.  Again unusual feelings of heat will rise through the body when your kundalini releases.  You can feel extremely hot one minute and extremely cold an hour later.  A common side affect of rising kundalini is ascension flu. This is extreme heat where you feel you are burning from the inside and your crown chakra hurts immensely.  When you experience this know that you are releasing a large amount of toxins and karmic baggage.  When you experience ascension flu it usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours. If you try to go to a doctor no doubt they will not understand what you are talking about.

Body convulsions.  The first year my kundalini released I would literally wake up after feeling like an earthquake had moved through my body.  I had never had anything like this happen to me before but my whole body would literally vibrate and shake.  Again it is the kundalini energy releasing and moving throughout the body cleansing the chakras.

Feeling like you are wired and out of your body. I suffered very badly with this when my kundalini first activated.  I literally felt as if I was hovering outside of my body for months before I began to feel grounded in my body once again.  When the energies are very heavy and pounding this feeling becomes very difficult for me. I always know when new energies have arrived as this feeling is a great indicator.  When I feel this way I centre myself and tell myself to relax as it will pass.  It is a strange feeling and there is no easy way around it.  Again it is just the physical body adjusting to the frequency of energies and most likely our lightbodies bouncing between dimensions.

Phantom death.  There is not alot of information on the internet about phantom deaths but I am sure they are on the rise.  This is not a real death but when you experience this it is as if the door closes on the life you once knew and you feel yourself moving into a new reality.  I experienced my phantom death when I was very ill.  My kundalini had activated and I was unable to move, sleep, and barely eat for two months.  My crown chakra hurt intensely and I was in great pain.  As I laid in pain I felt death around me and for a split second I’m sure I did die.  I would say I had experienced an exit point and I was given a choice to leave or stay.  I decided to stay but soon after the person I had always been began to demand great change and so everything in my life altered.

Steve Rother has released a great video about ascension symptoms and I would encourage you to watch it.  There are so many symptoms more than I have listed here.  Know that others are experiencing these symptoms as well and it is all for a great cause.  Your evolution.

Valentine St Aubyn

Understanding Astrology

Aurora Borealis or Northern lights hitting Earth's atmosphere

I have often had people ask me over the years if Astrology is real.  I completely understand why many do not believe it is real as a conscious effort from those in the know have worked dilligently to discredit this ancient science. Although many do not realise it Astrology is a science that is based on mathematical precision.  It is also a metaphysical science as its proof can be seen through the energetic matrix that is present on this planet.  We feed into this energetic matrix and upon birth infuse ‘cosmic codes’ into our DNA that can be read through the astrological chart.  A very good way of proving this energetic matrix can be seen in the Aurora Borealis.  In this instance, we can see with the physical eye the flow of energy coming off of the planets and sun into our dimensional fabric.  We then breathe this energy into ourselves as it permeates through everything around us.  This is how Astrology works on the mundane level.  It is simply a system of energetics computed through Mathematical precision and interpreted through a graph like structure, the natal wheel.

Up until the 20th Century Astrology was a part of Astronomy and was practiced alongside one another.  Kepler practiced Astrology as have many others such as Karl Jung, the father of modern Psychology and student of Freud.  Of course astronomers today have the power in naming new bodies that are found in our Galaxy.  When the recently discovered planet Sedna was named Astrologers began to feel very in tune with the energy this planet carried and felt that the right name was given.  Sedna is an Innuit Godess who protects the oceans. Interesting that this planet was discovered at a crucial time when we have been so focused on our oceans and the life forms such as polar bears, and penguins who get their sustenance from it. This is the beauty of Astrology and there is no coincidence here just a reminder that we are all feeding from a collective consciousness that is joined whether we are aware of it or not.

So what can Astrology do for us?  Many Astrologers may have different ideas about what Astrology should be used for.  Should it be used for predictive purposes, psychoanalysis, predicting world events?  There will always be divisions in this respect but one thing is for sure it can help you understand what is going on in your life.  What lessons you have come into this incarnation to work on, and why some of the main players in your life act the way they do.  It is a great tool for learning and helps one discover themselves.

We are now in a period of great change.  There is a shift of energy that is arriving onto this planet which many have termed Ascension.  More and more of us are having spontaneous kundalini awakenings as our bodies transmute its old carbon blueprint into a more crystalline base.  It is just not our planet that is ascending or lifting vibration it is our whole solar system and galaxy.  The heating up of our planet has alot more to do with metaphysical pheneomena than the emission of carbon gases.  NASA is well aware of this fact and has been gathering overwhelming data to confirm that something within the energetic backdrop of Earth and our solar system is changing.  Again, this information is being witheld from the public keeping people in a fog of ignorance but eventually many more people due to the increasing vibrational energies will awaken as strange symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and illness will become and harder and harder to ignore.

So, we can use Astrology to help us through these changing times ahead.  The planet Pluto is now in Capricorn which rules structures, and government.  We are in for some tough times financially and are only in the early stages of this great change.  There is no reason to fear this change just arm yourself with knowledge and be flexible with the changes that will occur around all of us. This summer things will definitely heat up and it will continue well into 2011 and the next few years due to the well known cardinal climax that is being discussed by many astrologers. The upcoming transits of Uranus and Pluto squaring off will also unlodge a great deal taking us into revolutionary territory.  Stay grounded and know that new beginnings are on the way and Astrology can help inform all of us to understand what these new beginnings represent.

Valentine St Aubyn

Mercury turns direct and clarity returns

Well, one thing is for certain, I’m so glad that this last mercury retrograde phase is coming to a close. I cannot stress how emotional of a period it has been for many of us. The energy out there was so chaotic that I had to really step back and take a breath. The last two weeks of April and early May were incredibly intense to say the least and I was like a yo yo having my insides turned upside down with emotion and confusion. It is hard for me to gage how the energies affect others on the outside world but I would have to guess that many have been on a knife edge. I have very little to do with the outside world these days, and I’m glad for that. I enjoy being in my cocoon. I spend my time writing and I work nights. Working nights has given me a much needed rest from annoying people and lower denser energies. The last few years were very volatile for me. As I transmuted and worked through many of my issues I was faced on several occasions in my professional life with hostility that was beyond the ordinary and bordered on outright violence. However, the challenges I went through from 2006-2009 in particular have brought me to where I am now. In a new space, where I am learning to re-claim my power. One of Steve Rother’s channellings summed it up for me very well, learning how to put self first has been a weakness I have suffered with for my entire life. Not that I have been a rug for others to walk all over but I have often found it difficult putting up boundaries. Well, now I no longer suffer from that and all the work I have done through my ascension process has brought me to this point, which I am very thankful for even though I have made it kicking and screaming.

I believe in these last few weeks I and many of us have been through another transmutation phase hence why at least for myself my emotions were so dark and I was all over the place. I am a naturally positive person with Sagittarius Rising ruled by Jupiter and although I have my down moments, feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in misery is not something I give into often. Yet, something very deep was taking place in these last couple of weeks and it was intensified by the Mercury retrograde phase. Mercury retrograde periods usually ask us to review and re-think things. It is not a time to initiate new projects and I can say this with certainty as I have tried to launch new projects during a Mercury retrograde period and they always need to be reviewed a few months later. Yet something was definitely afoot and I think many of us came to some heartfelt conclusions.

We’ve been down a long and hard road. I’m certainly not a first waver and can honestly say that I was not consciously aware of my ascension process until 2007, although I do believe I began my ascension awakening back in 2000. It took me years to figure out what was going on with me and when I finally learned it was this thing called ‘ascension’ I was relieved that I was not going crazy. But I have never fit into mainstream life and have often wished to be on another planet so thinking on these terms was not new for me anyway. The times we are now living in are certainly very trying and the energies are pushing us to continuously transmute and grow, it never stops for any of us. I constantly have to keep learning exactly what ascension and all that is related to it means.

And that is what I want to stress in this post. As the month of May opened Karen Bishop wrote one of her darkest Wings post I have ever read, and then on the 15th May she said good-bye to us.  I feel sad seeing her go.  Her energy alert posts put so much into perspective for me over the last few years and I honestly have to say that I resonated with her work.  However, it doesn’t surprise me that she is moving on as we are all being pushed to grow and to do more work.  I have found over the last year that the information that may have resonated with me a few years ago no longer remains true the way it first did.  I caught myself just a couple of weeks ago thoroughly disagreeing with David Wilcock on a few issues.  I’ve always enjoyed David’s work but now that he is becoming ever more mainstream I find myself sifting through the information he presents with a more critical eye than I have in the past.  Even the founders of Project Camelot who have given us some great whistleblower documentaries have fallen out with each other.  So, indeed nothing stays the same but then why should it anyway?

At the end of last year I wanted to connect with others out there like myself as I was feeling quite lonely. I found myself drifting into a particular forum which I will not name. I was vulnerable due to all of the chaos I had been through and was looking outside of myself to gain clarity. The funny thing is, I do not care for forums these days. They have helped me in the past but I have now moved on from them. Well, it simply wasn’t for me and some of the belief systems that were being purported were quite scary to be honest. The ideas were far too dark for my palette probably due to all of the transmuting and releasing I have done over the years.  But it helped me to realise something. I felt I was meant to experience this to help me understand that no one truly has all the answers. Others hold a belief system depending on the experiences and what they believe to be true but it doesn’t necessarily make it right. Discernment has become a very important tool for me and I always get cold ripples of energy moving through me if I read something that resonates with me.

I feel that more and more of us are becoming our own guidance. We’ve journeyed through our ascension process over the years, read a lot of material, educated ourselves but it is up to us to find the answers that fit the journey we are presently taking. So I would like to say thank you to Karen and many others who have helped me understand what ascension is over the years but I think it is now time for me to go more within to find the answers. Maybe that’s what this Mercury retrograde period was forcing many of us to discover. I do feel like doors closed there was a finality, a kind of death in the energy that was in the air which was very evident, which I myself fell prey to. But with every ending there is always a new beginning if you choose.

Valentine St Aubyn


Tired, tired and more tired

When 2010 started I knew this was going to be one hell of a year.  Forget what was happening in the news in my own life my husband and I separated again for a second time and an aunt who I had had a long  and complicated history with committed suicide.  Change was on the horizon and I had to buck up and role with the dice whether I liked it or not.

So here we are in May2010 and the planet is definitely catching on fire, no pun intended. We’re experiencing an on-going volcano ash crisis in Europe, an oil spill that threatens our global ecosystem, countries going bankrupt ie. Greece, Spain, Portugal (and the UK who is not too far behind), mass death of political figures in Poland that has been proven not to be an accident, America and Iran firing off at one another and Thailand fighting for change.  We have certainly entered into some rather chaotic energy and boy are we living and feeling it.  In one of my previous posts I discussed just how tired I had been feeling as of late.  And it is not only me it is others as well.  I have come across, quite innocently, on  a forum I frequent although do not participate in others complaining of either sleeping too much or not sleeping at all.  Over the last few years I slept very little waking up 2 to 3 times a night.  It is part of the new sleep cycle many of us are experiencing and it drove me crazy.  It also intensified the anxiety that I was suffering with.  Now, I have been sleeping, sometimes 15 hours in a day and still barely can keep my eyes open.  When I work, which is for me writing, I can sustain about 5 hours maximum and then my whole body shuts down and is ready for a rest.

I recenty came across an article by Tom Kenyon, which has given me some needed new insights on the exhaustion I have been experiencing and so I share it with others as I know I am not alone in this.  Funny, this week especially I have barely had any energy to do anything and writing has been out of the question, today seems to be an oddity.  I then a couple of days ago realised that the Volcano in Iceland that has been causing much trouble for Europe has been at it again.  Stirring and erupting.  Most likely my body has been reacting to this latest eruption.  God knows what I will feel like when, I stress when, the sister Volcano Katla begins to erupt.  I assume I as many others will be bed ridden for the next couple of years!

Before I include Tom Kenyon’s article I would like to comment on the article that Karen Bishop has recently posted, ‘The Three Options.’  I am a great follower of Karen’s work and feel the movements that she describes without a doubt.  This last post really resonated with me and once I feel more stable within myself I will write an article articulating what I have been experiencing.  Within my feelings of tiredness and exhaustion I found this last week incredibly difficult emotionally.  One minute I’m fine the next I am crying.  The emotion has been deep and I have been unable to fight off some of the darkness I have been feeling.  It is interesting that in this latest post Karen discusses one of the options we have is death.  I had concluded to myself only yesterday before I read her latest post that if X,Y and Z had not happened to me by age 43 then I would like to be released and move on.  I did not know where this was coming from it is unlike me to think in these ways but obviously it must be something many of us are being faced with.  I like many others have lost alot and I am not even 4o yet.  Others of my age group are having babies and enjoying life while I sit and suffer in silence losing everything I have ever known in my life that has helped me define who I am.  Astroloically speaking I haven’t even hit the Uranus opposition which is supposed to bring on the mid-life crises phase. Life has been very challenging for me and I have had to experience great loss.  When you experience several large scale losses in life it becomes harder and harder to believe a bright future is ahead of you. So, I was actually relieved to read this from Karen and can completely relate to how she must be feeling.  I can feel the sadness in her words and have fully resonated with how she is feeling.  I feel for some of us these feelings are very raw and real.  In the next week or so I will elaborate on this a bit futher, but at the present time I do not feel ready to discuss these darker feelings that have been making me think of death quite yet.

Anyway, below is an article by Tom Kenyon which discusses the purpose of the earthquakes and volcanoes we are experiencing and how they are interrelated and impact us.  There is some very good information here that should help you answer why you have been feeling so tired.

Until next time.

Valentine St Aubyn