Why was the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Christian man, in pagan garb??

Justin Welby stands at the West Door

On the 9th November 2012, Justin Welby was announced as the 105th Archbishop of the See of Canterbury. He officially became Archbishop on 4 February 2013, succeeding Dr Rowan Williams who retired at the end of December 2012. The new Archbishop was enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral on 21st March 2013. Of course in Astrological terms the 21st March is the Spring Equinox falling at 0 degrees Aries or 0 degrees of a cardinal sign which is known as the Aries point. The Aries point is an extremely powerful point where the energy urges to be pushed forward. There are four cardinal points that hold extreme importance which include the 21st March Spring equinox, 21st June Summer solstice, 21st September Autumn equinox, and 21st December Winter Solstice. Individuals who are born on the cardinal points of the zodiac tend to be thrust into the limelight in some shape or form for either good or bad. For example Edward Snowden was born on the Summer solstice, 21 June 1983. He is one of the more famous whistleblowers of our time. Sure there have been other whistleblowers who have blown the lid on government spying but they were not born on an Aries point! Hence the choosing of this date to enthrone the Archbishop was not all that surprising once you knew the detail. What was surprising was the robes he wore. The triquetra, three-pointed triangle, is an extremely powerful symbol in paganism and witchcraft. When invoking an entity the triangle of manifestation is called upon. Think of the television show Charmed, and the motto of the power of three. By chanting the power of three the sisters were able to corner a demon and vanquish it. This symbol has long been in use by pagans for many a century and is commonly found in Celtic art. Surprisingly,  it has also been shared by Christians and is also known as a trinity knot. In essence it symbolises the divine feminine energy. The threefold nature of the Goddess is represented as maiden, mother, and elder. In Christian circles this has been changed to the father, son, and holy spirit.The triquetra traditionally is a symbol of female empowerment and it’s roots can be found in the vesica piscis, a shape of two intersecting circles that represent the womb. This is an ancient representation of divine sacred geometry which can be traced to ancient Egypt.


vesica pisces 1

The blending of pagan symbolism amongst Christian orthodoxy should not be surprising. Although most people are not aware Christianity is based on Astro-theology, why else would the enthroning of the Archbishop take place on such an important date astrologically? The arrogance, however, of the flaunting of such concepts out in the open is the sign of the times. The origin of truth and what we understand to be real is being revealed for all to see.