Royal baby signals the end of an era with change on the horizon for the Royal family


I’m actually not a Royal lover or Royalist by any means. I do not condone the belief that a group of people have the right to be superior and above the average man. Nor pay their fair share of taxes.  It strikes me odd that in the 21st Century people are so drawn to the Royal family regardless of the dark and dirty stories that have surfaced over the years. But the purpose of this post is not to hail proudly the announcement of the new Royal baby like many others, but to reveal that Will and Kate’s baby boy will challenge the status quo when he becomes a mature man. He will have the challenge of an eagerly changing world and the demise of the British Royal family will be on the cards. The full moon he is born under suggests great drama and revealing for the Royal family as the Moon in Capricorn directly corresponds to Britain – as it is a Capricorn nation. As I write this post thunder and lightning are lighting up and booming across the night’s sky. I can’t remember the last time I saw lightening in this country so bright and powerful as the energies are very volatile and foreboding. So let’s have a look astrologically to see what amazing potentials await this young soul or ‘old soul.’

The young Prince was born on Monday 22 July, 2013 at 4.24pm BST in London, England. He was born during the grand water trine of 2013 involving Saturn at 4 Scorpio, Neptune at 4 Pisces and Jupiter at 5 Cancer. Initially this grand trine is a very positive energy and extremely dreamy and inspirational. Individuals who are born under a grand trine have historically been seen as extremely lucky as a trine is generally viewed as a positive aspect. So combine three trines and you are very lucky indeed. At least this is the conventional wisdom. But sometimes having it too good can make you complacent and lazy. So although you are born with the potential of great luck and talent  will you have the desire and conviction to go for your dreams? This is the problem with a grand trine. It promises much but makes you rather defensive lacking a fighting spirit to go for what you want. Prince Charles is another Royal who was born with a grand trine. His trine is in earth and the question we always ask of Charles is will he be King? He seems rather complacent to challenge his mother and make a bid for the throne. Rather, he is happy to live in his own world with the ‘earthly’ benefits it brings him leaving mummy to take care of business.

The Royal baby like his grandmother Princess Diana and father Prince William is a Sun sign Cancer. He is born with his sun at 29 royal baby chartdegrees Cancer. Signs and elements run through families so it is no accident that he is also born a Cancer. For example, my father was a Sun sign Sagittarius. I was born with my Moon and Ascendant in Sagittarius. The young Prince has his sun at 29 Cancer which is known as the millionaires degree and of course he will be rich. However, the 29th degree of any sign comes with many complications. If a natal planet is found at 29 degrees of any sign, also known as the Anaretic degree, there can be some real issues with decision-making in that part of the personality represented by the energies of the planet. The native may evaluate and re-evaluate situations before making a move one day, and the next day, jump into the action without listening to himself or herself! The Royal baby will have to overcome great restlessness in his ego and a sense of urgency will plague him during his life. He will be motivated to act not necessarily from reason but from impulse. This may be a good thing if he is going to challenge the establishment – but a bad thing if he uses his potential to keep tradition in place.

Many children currently born from 2010-2015 will have the Pluto square Uranus aspect in their charts. This aspect holds the seeds for great turmoil and revolutionary spirit amongst the population and when these children become adults in 20 to 30 years from now, and when this aspect is triggered, many individuals including the young prince will be ignited to rise up and make sweeping changes in various areas of society.  It is great to see that this young royal will be part of the generation that will truly bring change and plant the seeds for a new world. I have no doubts that Diana is smiling from afar as she disagreed with the Royal family on  so many issues and disapproved of their cold and calculating manner.

We are currently living through the Pluto in Capricorn years which is eroding established structures and systems but when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024  new ways of living, revoultions in technology, governing, and thinking will finally be able to gain traction in our world. The path will be difficult as there will be many who will resist this change,  but change is definitely on the horizon.

The young prince in his astrological chart shows he will have much to say about the establishment and the ‘old ways’. Pluto opposes his Mercury and  squares his Uranus. He will be an extremely deep and rebellious thinker as Mercury is in his 8th house, the house of Scorpio. He will have a secretive nature and will not openly reveal himself during his younger years. In addition, he also has an opposition of Pluto to Mars and Jupiter that sit tightly conjunct. His Jupiter is also trine Neptune and he will embrace deep spiritual values in his lifetime after having a great epiphany.  Spiritual values does not mean that he will be drawn to conventional religion but he will question the meaning of life in a deep way probably experimenting with taboo concepts and ways of thinking. An event around the age of 16 when his Solar arc Neptune conjuncts his IC will greatly change his outlook on life making him question his belief systems setting him on a deep path of exploration. He will be very charismatic and the public will be drawn to him but with Pluto in Capricorn opposing his Mars in Cancer in his 8th house, the house of Scorpio, he has the potential to be the victim of great bullying by the establishment and those responsible for his grooming.  Most likely he will be told to tow the line and keep quiet. But with his Mercury in Cancer square Uranus in Aries he’s going to have a hard time keeping his opinions to himself as he matures. His opinions will also be very much outside of what has been traditionally accepted. He will also find himself attracted to foreign and/or ethnic women with his Venus in the 9th house which could be an issue for the Royals. Like Diana he will be a maverick with differing opinions from the ‘established’ norm which can cause him problems.

I do not like seeing the opposition of Pluto to his Mars in his chart. Pluto at odds with Mars creates great tension and a victim or victimiser scenario unfolds. Victims of child abuse often have a harsh aspect between Pluto (sex) and Mars (aggression). The revealing in recent years of ritual abuse in rich families has surfaced and been brought to our attention as this horrid practice is common among aristocratic  families. A lack of love and attention purposely withdrawn as well as sexual abuse creates a cold and unfeeling personality. This behaviour is what creates the psychopath who is devoid of sensitivity and is calculating. Diana broke the mould with Will and Harry being present as much as she could in their lives giving them cuddles and affection when she herself did not get this as a child. However, this was abruptly ended with her early death when the two of them were were in adolescence years. However, Kate does not have Diana’s rebellious nature and will most likely stay silent and in her place rather than create any waves in the family. Hence,  with his Moon in Capricorn and Sun square Saturn the young prince will experience his parents as reserved and austere with the family home being quite structured with little time for fun.  The imposition of duty will weigh heavily on his young shoulders and he will find his home life to be quite sobering lacking happiness.

But the young royal will be no easy pushover. Although he does have a sensitive nature with his Sun in Cancer and plenty of water energy in his chart, he will not shrink into a corner and take his punishment lightly forever. He has his Ascendant in the steely sign of Scorpio. He will be your worst enemy or greatest champion of human rights. Rafael Nadal is a great example of someone with a Scorpio Ascendant. In childhood he recalls how he was mentally abused by his Uncle Toni, who still coaches him today. His Uncle Toni often called him a mama’s boy and treated him harshly.  Nadal has used the challenges of childhood to become one of the greatest fighters the world of tennis has ever seen. His resilience is astounding.  This is this the positive side of a Scorpio ascendant. Many people will experience a difficult childhood when born with a Scorpio ascendant and have to overcome their innermost fears,obsessive need to control and intense nature which can easily get out of balance and direct these negative characteristics into a positive outlet because if not, they can easily self-destruct.

The young royal shows great potential who will be embraced by the public with his Sun making a harmonious trine to his Ascendant. Although he will be raised to keep the establishment in place with his Moon in Capricorn as he matures he will have a hard time keeping his rebellious opinions to himself with his Sun opposing his Moon. He may walk the walk and look the part but underneath his reserved appearance will hide a complex and secretive personality eventually needing space to grow and heal as suggested by his Sun sesiquadrate Chiron, the wounded healer. His water grand trine and Sun in Cancer in the 8th house will make him deeply sensitive and understanding and although in childhood he may be reticent to voice his opinion as he grows into an adult life will force him to take a stand. I see great change coming for the royal family with Uranus in his fourth house squaring Mars the ruler of his Ascendant in Scorpio. As well as Pluto in Capricorn, the modern ruler of his ascendant, squaring his Uranus in the fourth house. His homelife, inner psyche and landscape of his mind will experience a great awakening when these aspects are triggered. He will most likely take the throne later in life around the age of 50 when his solar arc sun reaches his Midheaven. However, the importance of the Royal family by this time will definitely be in question as it will be reformed and reshaped in years to come.

It looks like Diana might get her wish after all!

2 thoughts on “Royal baby signals the end of an era with change on the horizon for the Royal family

  1. Great post!

    It will be interesting to watch the future of the little Prince, who will become King!

    If one believes in reincarnation, it makes me wonder if she showed up again, as a male to reform and reshape the Royal Family, once and for all!

    1. Yes, that’s a fascinating thought. She could very well be back! Princess Diana had a couple of her planets in the 8th house so I see it as no coincidence that the Royal baby has emphasis in this area. He has great potential to really get out of the box and infuse some new ways of thinking into the Royal family.

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