Can we prove the concept of soulmates


The search for the ‘one’ – that person who is there to love us, nurture us and spend our human existence with has never been stronger than it is today. As we move past 2012 and into the coming years a large number of people are awakening to their true potential. For some, old relationships are no longer serving the intent they once had.  And for others a new feeling of purpose is revealing itself transcending the relationship and allowing the couple to grow together in new and innovative ways. What is important to note here is that one relationship is no more correct than the other as both serve as a key objective to help us traverse through our journey of life. This is where the world of the past has gone wrong.  If a couple decides to end their time together it is seen as a failure and an insult to the notion of marriage.  But when we allow ourselves to look outside of this box if a relationship ends it is purely the fulfilment of a journey and it is time to begin anew.  Astrology has a lot to say about Soulmates and yes we can empirically prove that they exist.  They can be in the form of lovers, best friends, business associates and family members.  Their lives become very much intertwined in our own and they bring a message with the relationship.  A message we learn to uncover during the time we spend together whether that is for 5 years or 40 or a lifetime.

Most people want to know about love, when is it coming, or is what they have the real thing. A love relationship with a Soulmate is very specific and there are distinct behavioural patterns and rules that are repeated which can be verified by a variety of case studies.  Astrology works best when we are able to quantify it, observe how it operates to help us make judgements about how the universe operates.  For a love relationship there are important placements to note that help us to distinguish a Soul mate connection from a simple love affair. Soul Mate relationships will have all of the following aspects noted below within the synastry in varying combinations. So here are a few points to keep in mind.

Angle contact

The angles of the birth chart are extremely sensitive and nothing in our lives happens without an angle of our chart or our Sun and Moon being activated. A person’s birth date, time and location will derive the angles of the chart which include the Ascendant ASC, Descendant DC, Midheaven MC, and Immum Coeli IC. If a time is not fully known chart rectification can help to find the correct time of birth. Look for planets to make tight aspects to the angles of the chart.  Many astrologers like to keep orbs tight for a variety of reasons. But an orb of no more than 6 degrees can be considered. The closer an object is to the angle of our chart the more intensely we will feel it. The more precise connections someone shares to the angles of our chart the greater the chance we have something special.

Sun-Moon Midpoint

I cannot stress just how important the Sun-Moon midpoint is.  When I met my husband both of our Sun-Moon midpoints were strongly activated by our individually progressed Venus.  On the day we married both of our Sun-Moon midpoints were activated by a transiting planet, for myself the transiting north node, for my husband Saturn. The Sun-Moon midpoint is a highly sensitive area of our chart.  It blends the energies and qualities of the Sun and the  Moon, the feminine and the masculine, the husband and the wife. When we meet a Soulmate the Sun-Moon midpoint is always activated as it represents a commitment to be fulfilled, one that involves nurture and love.  It allows the inner being of ourselves to be illuminated and in a love relationship
is highly significant. Both the Near and far Midpoint are equally valid and should be used as well. You’ll find one point of the Sun-Moon midpoint axis being activated when we meet a significant love interest, as well as when we marry, and also when the relationship is ending.

Lunar Nodes

The North Node and South Node shows our direction in life. It represents where we have been, where we are going, and what we should be doing with our lives.  When one of our Lunar nodes connects with a love interests planet it combines the natal promise of our charts with a sense of direction and purpose for the future.  South Node connections denote a past life together.  Whereas North Node connections point to the work to be done in this lifetime and the future.  Nodal connections are extremely binding.  Look for the Nodes of a chart making a dynamic aspect such as a conjunction,  inconjunct, square, opposition, semi-square, or sesiquadrate to the angle of another’s chart. These are expressive connections and show there is work to do together. My first love and I shared a Mars/South Node connection and his North Node was conjunct to the ruler of my Ascendant. He was my first lover but we didn’t end up together.  In this case the South Node/Mars (passion) conjunction allowed us to re-live a love relationship that set us on a path towards our future. In contrast, my husband and I share a North Node/Descendant conjunction with his Ascendant conjunct my South Node. Most definitely I have known him in a past life as his Ascendant represents the physical body.  Sometimes Astrology is simply so literal!

Sun-Venus and Mars-Venus Midpoint

Most Synastry compatibility charts will give you a highlight of your planets and the relationship they share with a love interest.  Compatibility charts can be misleading and fall into what Astrologers call ‘Cookbook’ interpretations.  The truth is Synastry is far more complicated than two people sharing a Sun-Moon conjunction, or a Venus-Moon trine. These aspects feel awfully good but what if my Sun is squared by Uranus? That would mean that your Moon also squares my Uranus.  Uranus is a disruptive energy and it isn’t pleasant to have Uranus squaring the Moon in a Synastry chart if you are looking for commitment.  Many times it is apparent that a couple can have great physical attraction but they do not share any of the typical attraction aspects in their Synastry chart.  This is where using Midpoints is truly beneficial.  Midpoints pack a heavy punch and show concentrated energy.  If there is to be attraction between two people these two midpoints will definitely be activated. Again look for the more dynamic aspects  with no more than a 3 degree orb although even softer aspects such as the trine can be considered if the orb is tight.

The Vertex

The vertex also known as ‘destiny’s gate’ is a particular angle in the chart that is highly sensitive.  Soulmate couples will often have the Vertex activated at times when they meet as well as having natal planets making key aspects to the vertex. Never overlook the vertex. It can bring pertinent information about a relationship especially when you look at the first meeting chart. Again the rule is to keep the orbs tight when using the vertex but I have found that wide orbs can be just as powerful.  The most striking and binding aspects involve the angle of one chart to the vertex of the other.

So these are just a few steps to consider when judging the potential of a Soulmate connection.  There are other aspects that are important too, but hey one cannot be too greedy. Certainly, if you can tick all of the boxes described above then you are on your way to having quite a connection with someone.

If you would like to learn about a potential Soulmate connection or if you are in a relationship please visit readings  for further details.