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Hi guys, if you like the information I share here on ‘You’re a lightworker now what?’ Then you will love the topics I discuss in my radio show Esoteric Discussions with Valentine St Aubyn.  My show goes out live every other Wednesday at 9.00pm GMT.  You can keep up to date with the radio archives by joining my You Tube channel. The link is on the right hand side of this page.

In my latest show on the 17th August 2011, I interviewed astrologer Helen Sewell and we discussed the astrology of 2012. It was a fascinating show and one many of you will enjoy.

I will be uploading a new blog in the next day or so. I have, unfortunately, had to take a hiatus as my writing and newly launched radio show has taken up so much of my time. There’s so much to talk about and things are moving incredibly fast. Next year, is definitely going to be quite a year!

So please do have a listen to the archives of my show and until next time, take care.


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