Planetary Ascension Symptoms

I know I have been feeling alot of pressure in my crown chakra area along with a few other niggles here and there and if I am then others are too. So I thought I’d present an article directly focused on Ascension symptoms as the energies are currently very heavy at the moment and with the upcoming cardinal cross in August these energies will continue to build.  If you do a web search you will find plenty of information on ascension symptoms, but I feel it always helps getting another perspective from someone else.  We do not have to suffer alone, even though sometimes it feels like we are but many of us are suffering with the same symptoms. I have decided to rename the term at least for my own reference as I feel the common term Ascension symptoms conjures up images of the rapture and may be a bit unapproachable for those who are new to all of this. 

There is plenty of information on the web and in books that discuss the times we are now in.  To recap we are no longer on the timeline for death and destruction which had been prophesied by so many.  Anilihation was very much on the cards for the human race but this has now all changed. In its place a new timeline has emerged with new beginnings allowing a new consciousness not seen for many ages to perservere on our planet.  This new age is termed the Age of Aquarius.  A move towards more balance in our society is very real.  Many of the changes we are seeing in our financial systems on a global scale are only confirming that the old ways are no longer being permitted.  We will continue to see the destruction of old systems whether they be financial or political at an alarming rate so in a sense we are still very much only at the beginning of a great change to come.

This is due to the new arrival of energy entering our Earth through high level frequencies being carried by solar storms.  The energy of the solar storms carries with it new coded information that work with Earth’s magnetics.  Alot of research has been done on the shift of Earth’s magnetosphere in the last few years as it has shifted quite dramatically.  The Earth also has a new spin again this has been researched and well documented and since 2004 this has become ever more prevalent. Many of the lightworker family have also been working whether consciously or unconsciously to help raise the vibration of the planet  which over the years has taken its toll on many of us.  For some we have now been released from this, while others take our place fighting the dark and helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

One of the first symptoms I feel impoortant to note is the raising of your kundalini. From this point many of the symptoms you face will be related to this shift of energetics that takes place in the body.  In one of my articles I discuss my own experience when my kundalini began to awake.  I won’t review the story here but suffice is to say I had no idea what was going on with me. Kundalini awakenings are like alarm clocks going off in the DNA signalling that it is time for the body to make a shift.  Many of us are experiencing spontaneous kundalini awakenings which is unprecendented.  You are not alone in this. Kundalini awakenings for some create great anxiety in the body and I believe anxiety plays very much into the release of kundalini. I was an anxiety wreck for years before my kundalini even released and once it did for another year or so I suffered very badly with anxiety and panic attacks.  Then one day suddenly the anxiety disappeared and I began to be calm. My body felt as if it had been cleared of a great weight and I literally felt lighter.  A good reliever of anxiety is hynoptherapy this will help you to clear your emotional body and get rid of the fears and blockages that you are being forced to face. It will also help you control the anxiety and panic attacks. It may not relieve these symptoms completely but it will offer much needed assistance without having to take mainstream medications.

Of course feelings of anxiety will bring on interrupted sleep and sleeping problems are very much a symptom of ascension related problems.  Only a few years ago I was barely sleeping and when I did I would sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and then wake up.  I went through a long cycle where I would take an eternity to fall asleep then wake up at 3.00am and stay awake for the rest of the night.  These type of sleep cycles are quite common and again you are not alone even though it feels like it in the dead of night.

Feeling extremely hot and extremely cold.  Again unusual feelings of heat will rise through the body when your kundalini releases.  You can feel extremely hot one minute and extremely cold an hour later.  A common side affect of rising kundalini is ascension flu. This is extreme heat where you feel you are burning from the inside and your crown chakra hurts immensely.  When you experience this know that you are releasing a large amount of toxins and karmic baggage.  When you experience ascension flu it usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours. If you try to go to a doctor no doubt they will not understand what you are talking about.

Body convulsions.  The first year my kundalini released I would literally wake up after feeling like an earthquake had moved through my body.  I had never had anything like this happen to me before but my whole body would literally vibrate and shake.  Again it is the kundalini energy releasing and moving throughout the body cleansing the chakras.

Feeling like you are wired and out of your body. I suffered very badly with this when my kundalini first activated.  I literally felt as if I was hovering outside of my body for months before I began to feel grounded in my body once again.  When the energies are very heavy and pounding this feeling becomes very difficult for me. I always know when new energies have arrived as this feeling is a great indicator.  When I feel this way I centre myself and tell myself to relax as it will pass.  It is a strange feeling and there is no easy way around it.  Again it is just the physical body adjusting to the frequency of energies and most likely our lightbodies bouncing between dimensions.

Phantom death.  There is not alot of information on the internet about phantom deaths but I am sure they are on the rise.  This is not a real death but when you experience this it is as if the door closes on the life you once knew and you feel yourself moving into a new reality.  I experienced my phantom death when I was very ill.  My kundalini had activated and I was unable to move, sleep, and barely eat for two months.  My crown chakra hurt intensely and I was in great pain.  As I laid in pain I felt death around me and for a split second I’m sure I did die.  I would say I had experienced an exit point and I was given a choice to leave or stay.  I decided to stay but soon after the person I had always been began to demand great change and so everything in my life altered.

Steve Rother has released a great video about ascension symptoms and I would encourage you to watch it.  There are so many symptoms more than I have listed here.  Know that others are experiencing these symptoms as well and it is all for a great cause.  Your evolution.

Valentine St Aubyn


7 thoughts on “Planetary Ascension Symptoms

  1. Wow, this essay really hits home for me. I have experienced a great many of these symptoms, including anxiety; especially at night. I have to fight with myself each and every night to calm down, stop checking to see if the tiolet seat is down, if the door’s are locked, if the lights are off, you name it. I have to tell my brain, “hey this is crazy. Calm down.” Then when I do get into bed it still takes a long time to set my mind at ease, which I normally do by watching something educational that causes me to think about other things instead of how uptight I am. The “flu,” you were talking about I experienced every single day for two weeks straight and then 15 to 20 more trips to the hospital before it was all over. My main symptoms were the hot flashes and nasuea the likes of which I have never experienced. Nausea that wouldn’t go away after I threw up for more than 10 seconds. I still get the hot/cold flashes twice a night around 5 and 10pm. I have also lately felt a new calm inside me. Even at night. I have worked so hard at getting myself to sleep in a reasonable fashion, and it’s paying off. Though I’m sure part of the anxiety I feel at this point is based on whom I live with. She is an emotional rollercoaster and I could be totally fine, having a great day and as soon as she starts getting upset or worrisome, you can bet I’ll feel it too. I have always been able to pick up on others emotions, vibrations and postive and negative energy. Speaking of which, have you noticed how much brighter the energy coarsing through the atmosphere has become; even in the last couple weeks? I can feel a distinct change in the air and it’s a wonderful feeling! Thank you again for writing this!

    • Hi Eric, thanks for getting in touch. Anxiety is one of those taboo subjects that many do not like to talk about but so many of us have experienced. Now more then ever this symptom is becoming stronger and stronger for so many. I can understand your frustration and difficulty with the Ascension flu. I know in my case these symptoms have often lingered causing me alot of physical pain for long periods of time. And of course our modern doctors just do not understand. Nausea and the feeling of being sick is a very common symptom with Ascension. I have often experienced just feeling sick to my stomach and out of the blue on a regular basis.

      I too have noticed the change in energy and it is very positive. There was a full moon lunar eclipse this week which has brought alot of endings. For those of us who have been struggling with the intensity of the energies it has been a breath of fresh air. I imagine however, we are in the quiet before the storm.

      Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi. I am thankful for this post of yours for it is uplifting. Because of this I wanted to share this to others by putting a link to this post from my site at under the link category: Ascension: Shift in Human Consciousness in order to help others in the ascension ladder. I share Oneness consciousness with others too so that many people may anchor to the light and keep aligned. This work of yours is very helpful in understanding the changes. Hope it is ok with you. Please do keep me posted. Thank you for this wonderful sharing. Peace, celeste.

  3. Grateful I found this,I’m going through these nasty symptoms,my emotions take me to rollercoaster everyday…It’s downright crazy!

  4. I’ve been reading the signs and symptoms and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t experienced some, if not all of them. But the reality is that none of this peace and happiness has surfaced. Everything is still out of harmony and yes I suppose with that thought process it will continue to be. I do have a deep belief that things will change. But with “Big Brother” or whatever you want to call it controlling the masses and cloaking the truth in lies I see no change and in my lifetime I doubt it will come. All I see is a divided way of thinking when I have formed a unity way of thinking and trying to explain it to other people is like trying to get a baby to type on a computer coherently. It is annoying and angers me, so until I see other people start to rise up and finally say “enough!” I will not continue to enlighten def ears in vein. Call it what you like, but I somewhat hope that humanity kills its self off, it would be better for all of creation. We are nothing but 5-7 ft tall cockroaches that fester, rot, and kill everything we come into contact with. I’m sorry. But beings that have no respect for life (I’m guilty of adding to that collective) do not deserve to live, or be helped by spirit or other life forms. I’m looking at the world, what are you looking at?

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