Understanding Astrology

Aurora Borealis or Northern lights hitting Earth's atmosphere

I have often had people ask me over the years if Astrology is real.  I completely understand why many do not believe it is real as a conscious effort from those in the know have worked dilligently to discredit this ancient science. Although many do not realise it Astrology is a science that is based on mathematical precision.  It is also a metaphysical science as its proof can be seen through the energetic matrix that is present on this planet.  We feed into this energetic matrix and upon birth infuse ‘cosmic codes’ into our DNA that can be read through the astrological chart.  A very good way of proving this energetic matrix can be seen in the Aurora Borealis.  In this instance, we can see with the physical eye the flow of energy coming off of the planets and sun into our dimensional fabric.  We then breathe this energy into ourselves as it permeates through everything around us.  This is how Astrology works on the mundane level.  It is simply a system of energetics computed through Mathematical precision and interpreted through a graph like structure, the natal wheel.

Up until the 20th Century Astrology was a part of Astronomy and was practiced alongside one another.  Kepler practiced Astrology as have many others such as Karl Jung, the father of modern Psychology and student of Freud.  Of course astronomers today have the power in naming new bodies that are found in our Galaxy.  When the recently discovered planet Sedna was named Astrologers began to feel very in tune with the energy this planet carried and felt that the right name was given.  Sedna is an Innuit Godess who protects the oceans. Interesting that this planet was discovered at a crucial time when we have been so focused on our oceans and the life forms such as polar bears, and penguins who get their sustenance from it. This is the beauty of Astrology and there is no coincidence here just a reminder that we are all feeding from a collective consciousness that is joined whether we are aware of it or not.

So what can Astrology do for us?  Many Astrologers may have different ideas about what Astrology should be used for.  Should it be used for predictive purposes, psychoanalysis, predicting world events?  There will always be divisions in this respect but one thing is for sure it can help you understand what is going on in your life.  What lessons you have come into this incarnation to work on, and why some of the main players in your life act the way they do.  It is a great tool for learning and helps one discover themselves.

We are now in a period of great change.  There is a shift of energy that is arriving onto this planet which many have termed Ascension.  More and more of us are having spontaneous kundalini awakenings as our bodies transmute its old carbon blueprint into a more crystalline base.  It is just not our planet that is ascending or lifting vibration it is our whole solar system and galaxy.  The heating up of our planet has alot more to do with metaphysical pheneomena than the emission of carbon gases.  NASA is well aware of this fact and has been gathering overwhelming data to confirm that something within the energetic backdrop of Earth and our solar system is changing.  Again, this information is being witheld from the public keeping people in a fog of ignorance but eventually many more people due to the increasing vibrational energies will awaken as strange symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and illness will become and harder and harder to ignore.

So, we can use Astrology to help us through these changing times ahead.  The planet Pluto is now in Capricorn which rules structures, and government.  We are in for some tough times financially and are only in the early stages of this great change.  There is no reason to fear this change just arm yourself with knowledge and be flexible with the changes that will occur around all of us. This summer things will definitely heat up and it will continue well into 2011 and the next few years due to the well known cardinal climax that is being discussed by many astrologers. The upcoming transits of Uranus and Pluto squaring off will also unlodge a great deal taking us into revolutionary territory.  Stay grounded and know that new beginnings are on the way and Astrology can help inform all of us to understand what these new beginnings represent.

Valentine St Aubyn

Mystical occult symbolism in Pop Culture part I

Lady Gaga flashing the eye of Horus her artistic nuances are very much rooted in illuminati occult symbolism

This article is not for the faint of heart.  Do you want the blue pill or the red pill? Choose wisely because once you learn the truth you may not like it. 

As we move into the Age of Aquarius the secrets of the past are no longer remaining hidden.  As the energies grow ever more intensely many of us are having kundalini awakenings at very young ages and spontaneously.  I had mine at age 35 with no one to guide me.  For centuries raising the kundalini has always been associated as a mystical event and only achieveable by those who are mature souls spiritually.  The Egyptian pharaohs and upper hierarchy used to practice kundalini rising in their temples hence the image of the cobra head worn in their headress as kundalini energy is associated with serpent power which is wise and illuminating. 

We are now moving into a new cycle of humanity and many of us are waking up quite dramatically. For those who have woken up we are no longer believing the lies told to us in school, in the news and all around us and we are demanding to learn the truth.  Maybe through this awakening you have also noticed the rise of occult TV programmes and films, lyrics in songs, books that delve into the depths of vampirism, satanism, and witchcraft hitting the mainstream in staggering numbers. It’s definitely cool to be dark, if you haven’t noticed to say the least.  

We are all being impacted by the new energies that are hitting the earth through the solar storms and these energies are bringing to light all that has been previously hidden.  What we are seeing are esoteric subjects aired in public for all to see.  The question is do you know what you are seeing and reading and do you understand what it is all about?

If you thought the movie the Matrix was a great movie but not grounded very much in reality think again.  The concept of the Matrix has been bouncing around for several decades.  Jordan Maxwell, the godfather of decoding illuminati symbolism, tried during the 80s to get the Matrix onto our screens alas without success but it would be several years later until the Wachowski Brothers made this wish a reality. 

That we live in a self-induced virtual reality is now being proven by Quantum Mechanics and the evidence is overwhelming to this fact.  I have often wondered if we are really here on planet Earth and it wasn’t until I had my Kundalini Awakening that I finally realised that I don’t think we really are.  But boy does it feel real! And it’s supposed to…Suffice to say that whereever we are we are definitely having an experience and our bodies act as a conduit of sorts emananting a frequency or program for our existence.  If you like these ideas you need to look into the work of David Icke and Jordan Maxwell, as there has been a great amount of research and writing into the existence of reality going beyond the Newtonian world that we are brainwashed to believe is real.  Let us not forget that Einstein smashed many of Newton’s theories but yet we are still being taught that the physical world is just that ‘physical’ and ‘3-dimensional’.  Anyway, more on that in a different article in this article I would like to introduce a few concepts that I have been researching now for a few years.  I would like to thank David Icke for inspiring me to write this post and if you like this have a look on his website as there is plenty more of this on his site.

Freemasonry rings - Freemasons come in all colours, races and ages

I have been very intrigued with  Freemasonry for several years now.  For me the search began when I tried to learn more about my grandfather, who was a Freemason.  He was a Black Freemason from Jamaica and a Master Mason which made things even more intriguing as I wanted to uncover his secrets.  My research into Freemasonry has brought me into researching the occult – the dark arts, as the two go hand in hand.  Whether you like to hear it or not  just as many people believe in Jesus Christ many people believe in Satan, and we are not talking about bible bashers and over zealous religious types.  You might laugh at this but as you begin to delve into occult symbolism Satanism is very prevalent  in prominent circles and has been for many centuries. This is nothing new it’s just that we are waking up to it.  At first it can be very disturbing but once you get beyond the initial shock you soon begin to learn just what these powerful assholes at the top of the society laddder really get up to and what they want, mainly domination and power at any cost.

My aim in researching occult symbolism is due to my own fascination in understanding the bigger picture to what I can see.  I’m weird like that and from a young age I have never taken anything at face value.  Yet, once you begin down this road you can never see the world the same again.  It has taken me a few years to fully comprehend what I have been learning and I’m still learning. Occult symbolism goes all the way to the top and it is a bit shocking once you fully grasp its meaning.

In further articles I will discuss the Occult symbolism in Hip Hop culture as it is full of it, but in the meantime in this article I would like to focus on pop music.  So on with the show.

I would like to add before I go on that my aim is not to single any artist out and condemn their music.  Even though I am able to see the symbolism that they are projecting for what it is, I still enjoy alot of their music even if I may not want to watch their videos. It’s just that it is better to be aware than unaware. If I was to stop listening to the vast amount of musical artists I like because of occult symbology it would rule out over 95% of the music I enjoy!

If you have ever wondered, and this is a big if, why so many pop princesses and princes seem to be flashing the one eyed thing I would like to help you understand. To begin, the one eyed thing consists of the pop star either covering one of their eyes with their hand, a piece of hair, or artistic prop.  What they are trying to draw you to is one eye, in occult circles it is known as the eye of Horus.  It is the eye that is seen on the back of the dollar bill.  Please take a moment and have a look for yourself. Get a dollar bill out and turn it over.

Background information on the Eye of Horus

The eye is the ‘all seeing eye of Horus’.  this eye is considered a demonic eye in certain occult circles.  In illuminati mythology it is either open or closed, depending upon the spiritual time of year and the state of the person psychically.  The symbol on the dollar bill is reinforcement and a reminder that the elite, those of the illuminati, are watching us.  The pyramid is an ancient form based on the holiness of the number 3 to the ancient mystery religions and it was a structure used specifically to focus a point of psychic activity for certain esoteric experiences.  Please do not belive that the pyramids in Egypt were used as burial chambers.  Come on the Egyptians loved ceremonies and transcending the physical form.  The pyramids were used for something much deeper than death chambers.  Napoleon discovered that when he spent the night in the Great Pyramid.


The Myth of Horus

“Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was called “Horus who rules with two eyes.” His right eye was white and represented the sun; his left eye was black and represented the moon. According to myth Horus lost his left eye to his evil brother, Seth, whom he fought to avenge Seth’s murder of Osiris. Seth tore out the eye but lost the fight. The eye was reassembled by magic by Thoth, the god of writing, the moon, and magic. Horus presented his eye to Osiris, who experienced rebirth in the underworld.

As an amulet the Eye of Horus has three versions: a left eye, a right eye, and two eyes. The eye is constructed in fractional parts, with 1/64 missing, a piece Thoth added by magic…

The Egyptians used the eye as a funerary amulet for protection against evil and rebirth in the underworld, and decorated mummies, coffins, and tombs with it. The Book of the Dead instructs that funerary eye amulets be made out of lapis lazuli or a stone called mak. Some were gold-plated.

It was called the “all-seeing Eye.” Other attributes associated with it are terror and wrath. According to some myths, the eye took on a personality of its own, swooping down out of the sky to right wrongs.”
– Dee Finney, Dreams of the Eye of Horus

Here are some pictures to illustrate what I am referring to, I guess you could say they are giving us ‘the evil eye’:

Rihanna covering her left eye

 If you are able to read energy, the energy coming off of this photo is very dark and menacing.  Rihanna used to be a very bright and beautiful young girl that is before she got involved with Jay Z more on that another time.

This image is cleverly crafted. We see the eye of horus on top of the pyramid. Madonna's left eye cannot be seen only her right eye showing. This is by no accident.

It is no secret that Madonna is drawn to esoteric mysteries and practices Kabbala an ancient mystical tradition that predates judaism from which the Jewish faith has originated.  Originally, Jewish rabbis were practitioners in Astrology, magic and ceremony of all sorts.  Nowadays, these practices are denied.  Most likely Madonna has risen in the ranks and is a high priestess of sorts within the Kabbala sect which is quite popular amongst Hollywood types.  Hence, why she has renamed herself Esther a Jewish name.

Just in case you didn't get it. This is what is on the back of Madonna's jacket
Singer from Paramore flashing the eye of horus - ask yourself why?
Marilyn Manson flashing the eye of Horus his left eye is shaded from view

In part II we will look at occult symbolism in TV and Film and begin to answer the question what is the purpose.

Until next time.

Valentine St Aubyn

Mercury turns direct and clarity returns

Well, one thing is for certain, I’m so glad that this last mercury retrograde phase is coming to a close. I cannot stress how emotional of a period it has been for many of us. The energy out there was so chaotic that I had to really step back and take a breath. The last two weeks of April and early May were incredibly intense to say the least and I was like a yo yo having my insides turned upside down with emotion and confusion. It is hard for me to gage how the energies affect others on the outside world but I would have to guess that many have been on a knife edge. I have very little to do with the outside world these days, and I’m glad for that. I enjoy being in my cocoon. I spend my time writing and I work nights. Working nights has given me a much needed rest from annoying people and lower denser energies. The last few years were very volatile for me. As I transmuted and worked through many of my issues I was faced on several occasions in my professional life with hostility that was beyond the ordinary and bordered on outright violence. However, the challenges I went through from 2006-2009 in particular have brought me to where I am now. In a new space, where I am learning to re-claim my power. One of Steve Rother’s channellings summed it up for me very well, learning how to put self first has been a weakness I have suffered with for my entire life. Not that I have been a rug for others to walk all over but I have often found it difficult putting up boundaries. Well, now I no longer suffer from that and all the work I have done through my ascension process has brought me to this point, which I am very thankful for even though I have made it kicking and screaming.

I believe in these last few weeks I and many of us have been through another transmutation phase hence why at least for myself my emotions were so dark and I was all over the place. I am a naturally positive person with Sagittarius Rising ruled by Jupiter and although I have my down moments, feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in misery is not something I give into often. Yet, something very deep was taking place in these last couple of weeks and it was intensified by the Mercury retrograde phase. Mercury retrograde periods usually ask us to review and re-think things. It is not a time to initiate new projects and I can say this with certainty as I have tried to launch new projects during a Mercury retrograde period and they always need to be reviewed a few months later. Yet something was definitely afoot and I think many of us came to some heartfelt conclusions.

We’ve been down a long and hard road. I’m certainly not a first waver and can honestly say that I was not consciously aware of my ascension process until 2007, although I do believe I began my ascension awakening back in 2000. It took me years to figure out what was going on with me and when I finally learned it was this thing called ‘ascension’ I was relieved that I was not going crazy. But I have never fit into mainstream life and have often wished to be on another planet so thinking on these terms was not new for me anyway. The times we are now living in are certainly very trying and the energies are pushing us to continuously transmute and grow, it never stops for any of us. I constantly have to keep learning exactly what ascension and all that is related to it means.

And that is what I want to stress in this post. As the month of May opened Karen Bishop wrote one of her darkest Wings post I have ever read, and then on the 15th May she said good-bye to us.  I feel sad seeing her go.  Her energy alert posts put so much into perspective for me over the last few years and I honestly have to say that I resonated with her work.  However, it doesn’t surprise me that she is moving on as we are all being pushed to grow and to do more work.  I have found over the last year that the information that may have resonated with me a few years ago no longer remains true the way it first did.  I caught myself just a couple of weeks ago thoroughly disagreeing with David Wilcock on a few issues.  I’ve always enjoyed David’s work but now that he is becoming ever more mainstream I find myself sifting through the information he presents with a more critical eye than I have in the past.  Even the founders of Project Camelot who have given us some great whistleblower documentaries have fallen out with each other.  So, indeed nothing stays the same but then why should it anyway?

At the end of last year I wanted to connect with others out there like myself as I was feeling quite lonely. I found myself drifting into a particular forum which I will not name. I was vulnerable due to all of the chaos I had been through and was looking outside of myself to gain clarity. The funny thing is, I do not care for forums these days. They have helped me in the past but I have now moved on from them. Well, it simply wasn’t for me and some of the belief systems that were being purported were quite scary to be honest. The ideas were far too dark for my palette probably due to all of the transmuting and releasing I have done over the years.  But it helped me to realise something. I felt I was meant to experience this to help me understand that no one truly has all the answers. Others hold a belief system depending on the experiences and what they believe to be true but it doesn’t necessarily make it right. Discernment has become a very important tool for me and I always get cold ripples of energy moving through me if I read something that resonates with me.

I feel that more and more of us are becoming our own guidance. We’ve journeyed through our ascension process over the years, read a lot of material, educated ourselves but it is up to us to find the answers that fit the journey we are presently taking. So I would like to say thank you to Karen and many others who have helped me understand what ascension is over the years but I think it is now time for me to go more within to find the answers. Maybe that’s what this Mercury retrograde period was forcing many of us to discover. I do feel like doors closed there was a finality, a kind of death in the energy that was in the air which was very evident, which I myself fell prey to. But with every ending there is always a new beginning if you choose.

Valentine St Aubyn


Tired, tired and more tired

When 2010 started I knew this was going to be one hell of a year.  Forget what was happening in the news in my own life my husband and I separated again for a second time and an aunt who I had had a long  and complicated history with committed suicide.  Change was on the horizon and I had to buck up and role with the dice whether I liked it or not.

So here we are in May2010 and the planet is definitely catching on fire, no pun intended. We’re experiencing an on-going volcano ash crisis in Europe, an oil spill that threatens our global ecosystem, countries going bankrupt ie. Greece, Spain, Portugal (and the UK who is not too far behind), mass death of political figures in Poland that has been proven not to be an accident, America and Iran firing off at one another and Thailand fighting for change.  We have certainly entered into some rather chaotic energy and boy are we living and feeling it.  In one of my previous posts I discussed just how tired I had been feeling as of late.  And it is not only me it is others as well.  I have come across, quite innocently, on  a forum I frequent although do not participate in others complaining of either sleeping too much or not sleeping at all.  Over the last few years I slept very little waking up 2 to 3 times a night.  It is part of the new sleep cycle many of us are experiencing and it drove me crazy.  It also intensified the anxiety that I was suffering with.  Now, I have been sleeping, sometimes 15 hours in a day and still barely can keep my eyes open.  When I work, which is for me writing, I can sustain about 5 hours maximum and then my whole body shuts down and is ready for a rest.

I recenty came across an article by Tom Kenyon, which has given me some needed new insights on the exhaustion I have been experiencing and so I share it with others as I know I am not alone in this.  Funny, this week especially I have barely had any energy to do anything and writing has been out of the question, today seems to be an oddity.  I then a couple of days ago realised that the Volcano in Iceland that has been causing much trouble for Europe has been at it again.  Stirring and erupting.  Most likely my body has been reacting to this latest eruption.  God knows what I will feel like when, I stress when, the sister Volcano Katla begins to erupt.  I assume I as many others will be bed ridden for the next couple of years!

Before I include Tom Kenyon’s article I would like to comment on the article that Karen Bishop has recently posted, ‘The Three Options.’  I am a great follower of Karen’s work and feel the movements that she describes without a doubt.  This last post really resonated with me and once I feel more stable within myself I will write an article articulating what I have been experiencing.  Within my feelings of tiredness and exhaustion I found this last week incredibly difficult emotionally.  One minute I’m fine the next I am crying.  The emotion has been deep and I have been unable to fight off some of the darkness I have been feeling.  It is interesting that in this latest post Karen discusses one of the options we have is death.  I had concluded to myself only yesterday before I read her latest post that if X,Y and Z had not happened to me by age 43 then I would like to be released and move on.  I did not know where this was coming from it is unlike me to think in these ways but obviously it must be something many of us are being faced with.  I like many others have lost alot and I am not even 4o yet.  Others of my age group are having babies and enjoying life while I sit and suffer in silence losing everything I have ever known in my life that has helped me define who I am.  Astroloically speaking I haven’t even hit the Uranus opposition which is supposed to bring on the mid-life crises phase. Life has been very challenging for me and I have had to experience great loss.  When you experience several large scale losses in life it becomes harder and harder to believe a bright future is ahead of you. So, I was actually relieved to read this from Karen and can completely relate to how she must be feeling.  I can feel the sadness in her words and have fully resonated with how she is feeling.  I feel for some of us these feelings are very raw and real.  In the next week or so I will elaborate on this a bit futher, but at the present time I do not feel ready to discuss these darker feelings that have been making me think of death quite yet.

Anyway, below is an article by Tom Kenyon which discusses the purpose of the earthquakes and volcanoes we are experiencing and how they are interrelated and impact us.  There is some very good information here that should help you answer why you have been feeling so tired.

Until next time.

Valentine St Aubyn