Our Solar System is heating up and we are evolving

Look very closely at this image


Milky Way galaxy

It’s very interesting that the talks in Copenhagen ended with a stalemate.  You have to be very careful with the press as it is their role to decieve, mislead and confuse us.  However, if you sift through all of the bullshit  that’s flying around it’s been interesting to watch how the press have been trying to blame everything on the Chinese, which is not the point.  The point is all of the big players including Europe, America and China do not want to make the necessary changes to tackle the climate problem, this cannot be blamed on one country.

So, where does this leave us?  It is hard to believe that the human race is on the brink of evolution. Looking at the recent attitudes of the world leaders this does not convince me that we are ready for the new Aquarian age, but alas supposedly we are.  However, I could be looking at things from the wrong angle or should I say dimension. I’ll get back to this shortly.

The word ascension is becoming quite the buzz word, but for those not in the loop many wonder what all of this is about.  The word is not a new one it has been bouncing around in religious circles for eons.  It often offers visions of somone like Christ floating on a cloud and rising to the heavens.  This type of ascension is no longer valid, although I wonder if it ever was.  The ascension that is being whispered about now is somewhat different and  involves the evolution of our DNA and the shifting of our consciousness as we remain in our bodies. Our climate is a big player as it is triggering us internally and most of us don’t even know it.

I’ll be frank, which is what I do best.  We are not being told the truth about the climatic changes taking place on our planet, however, the scientific community and those who run the show, are in the know.  I’ll give you an example. If you look at the front cover of  Al Gore’s documentary, ‘An inconvenient Truth’ you will see what appears to be smoke coming out of a chimney.  Look closely because that is not smoke it is our galaxy in disguise.  Some could argue that it might represent a cyclone storm, but I agree with David Wilcock it is definitely our galaxy.  So why is it being represented on the  front cover of Al Gore’s documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth?’  What is it that they know that they are not telling us?

Advertising poster for the last series of Dr Who for 2009

The powers that be communicate with us through symbolism, one of the experts at reading these signs has been Jordan Maxwell.  If you have not heard of him you definitely need to look into his work.  I’ll give you what seems to be an ‘innocent’ example of symbolism that I have discovered recently.  In England, the BBC have been working very hard to reinvent the long running Dr Who show –  I’ve watched a couple of episodes it seems to be entertaining.  The finale episode for 2009 with David Tennant  is called ‘The End of Time.’  A message is being tramsmitted here but you have to have your eyes and brain switched on to get the message.  All you have to do is look around and you can see all of the doom and gloom theories being thrown around.  Collective Consciousness is very vulnerable if you can keep the masses in fear then you can easily playout doom and gloom scenarios.  There is actually an even deeper meaning that I am also able to read.  The powers that be are letting you know that time in 3D reality is coming to an end and that a new consciousness is on the way.  Part of the predictions for the years around 2012 made by the Mayans and other North American cultures discuss the ‘end of time’ and in its place a new age is coming, in metaphysical circles this new era of time has been named the Age of Aquarius. 

What you will not be told by the news or any paid and bought for media outlets is that humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness and scientifically this coincides with our DNA.  The warming of the solar system is having an impact on us directly.  Have you been experiencing severe anxiety, extreme insomnia, aches and pains,  is your life falling apart?  These are some of the symptoms and yes all of this is tied to 2012.  Leave the doom and gloom aside and understand that 2010 leading up to 2012 and beyond will be watershed years that will shake humanity and change the way we think.  There is nothing to fear except for change.  The human race will still be here beyond 2012 but you maybe become alot more enlightened along the way.

In a previous article, ‘It’s not just the planet heating up it’s the whole solar system’, I gave links to the scientific evidence that supports the fact that not only is our planet warming but so is our entire solar system.  This does not counter the argument that carbon emissions are not responsible for the rise in temperatures, but they are not the sole reason.  It is vitally important that carbon emissions be reduced as we are poisioning our planet and Mother Earth is not happy with this. I’m sure we will see the dire consequence of this later in the centuryas our leaders will fail to do anything about this until the very last minute.

Dimensionally, our solar system is lifting its vibration and it is ascending,  many of us have currently jumped ship and are existing dimensionally on the new earth in 5-D reality, while others remain on the old earth in 3-D. Lifting your vibration, the activation of your DNA and changing your perception of reality is currently what all of us are living with even if we do not know anything about ascension. These changes are going on within all of us whether we are aware or not.  The new earth with the new energy is here so expect to see some big changes in the next couple of years.  It is up to us to empower oursleves and read the scientific evidence for ourselves.  Do not just take my word for it research it yourself.  Do not just follow the news and assume they are telling you the truth, own your power.  Look at NASA’s website, research why the magnetic field has shifted incredibly in a short span of time.  Learn about the new children being born, the Indigos and Crystals.  You might have one yourself.  Open your mind and question what you see there is more to reality than what you have been told.

Valentine St Aubyn

The separation of the worlds, and experiencing the deconstruction of our ego selves

Throughout my whole life I have done alot of soul searching.  I’ve never been willing to accept everything I read and hear and have always dug further under the surface.  That’s why at age 13 I read the bible  trying to understand the message that was presented and thought that I would be going to hell because I just wasn’t able to believe that the Christian God was a loving and caring creator, he could not scare me into believing.  At age 19 I was reading about the history of various revolutions and counter revolution campaigns created by the CIA to stop them.  By age 21 I was learning about mind control and how advertising is built upon subliminal messages that make you want to buy what they are selling, and of course sex is used as the master manipulator in their campaigns.  All in all I was never a willing participant in the world I was born into and have been ostracised for my beliefs over the years. 

Many of us share these experiences of not easily being decieved, supposedly it is an Indigo trait, we are the oddbins of society and live on the fringes poking fun at the mainstream.  And then here comes what so many have termed ascension.  We are blasted even further away from the mainstream and have no desire to play ball or go back to the old world that we never cared much for anyway.  Our egos begin the process of deconstruction and before we even have time to digest and think about what has happened to us  in a flash our lives are truly changed forever.  It would be nice to put a ‘The end’ caption to wrap this up but as many of us have learned the work still continues, and most likely will for the rest of our lives.

This last year has for me been one of the most challenging.  In particular I have found the energies since the summer solstice to be extremely revealing and intense.  The one thing I have learned about the ascension process is that you, meaning the you that is conscious and having an experience, the ego, is relentlessly stripped and cleansed step by step, over and over, layer by layer.  There is no right or wrong in the process and everyone will have experiences that reflect the reality they believe to help them transform and grow.  But when you hit certain ‘ingrained and stubborn programs’ within yourself that’s when the fireworks really take off.

I have managed to hit a few of my own ‘immovable’ programs which I didn’t even realise were there and have actually managed to surprise myself in new and bizarre ways.  I have been learning alot about reality and my point of perception over the last few months.  And have fully accepted that to change the outside world we must first start with ourselves on the inside, because we are the creators of what we feel, hear and touch.  I have hit a new phase with myself and have begun to see just how programmed I am, and do you know what, I don’t like it.  The truth is we are all programmed it is the price we pay to live in 3D reality, think of it in terms of the matrix.  The trick is realising that it is happening to you and then trying to break free from it, at least step by step. It is the choice between the blue or the red pill. 

I’ve been reading alot about the separation of the old 3D world and how we will be creating a new world which many of us are now existing in.  I’ll leave the questions of did we miscalculate or get it wrong for others to answser, as I really do not know, and to be honest I am glad I was removed from the old 3D world even if it is only dimensionally.  What I have begun to fully realise and integrate within myself is that I cannot begin to create the new until I get a handle on my old programming.  The programming comes in many forms such as;  that government is here to help us – wrong, and we as a collective are definitely seeing this for ourselves, or at least some of us are.  That Hollywood makes cute and inocuous movies, wrong, Hollywood is one of the main programmers and we should not take what we see lightly.  Until I get a handle on my own belief systems, my old shit keeps rearing its ugly head, which is putting a damper on the new life I am trying to create for myself in this new world.

 And this is what has been throwing me for a loop because there is alot of stuff within myself that has helped me over the years to create the world I see and it hasn’t all been bad, just 90% of it.  Now, it is all being broken down and eroded away and it feels very unsettling.  To be honest, I am surprised that I have so many triggers, but I do, and it is a part of living in 3D reality, but it is now time to move beyond them.

The separation from the old 3D world is a challenge for those of us taking part.  We can no longer hide from ourselves or skip along without looking at our belief systems. Quite the contrary,  to create the new we have to completely let go of the old and that includes how we have always thought of ourselves, what we truly want in our lives and who we want around us.  I have spoken to a few people about the economy and have realised that they basically want to keep the same old system with a few new changes.  But I don’t, I’m so tired of money and I would love a new world without the care of money.  And I think this is what makes us different from so many others, we’ve just basically had enough of all of it and it is time to completely change it all. 

In a short time I have lost some really close people to me because of the new ways that I think and to be honest I spend most of my time alone.  My old world has been shattered, and is currently being realigned.  I am not bitter but maybe a bit sad that I have to leave people I care about behind, but we are all free to think for ourselves and choose what is best for us on this journey. 

Valentine St Aubyn

Back to life and out of the void

I love the synchronicity of things it’s like the sprinkling of fairy dust! After I wrote my last post ‘Life in the void, being broke, and loving every minute of it?’ I visited Karen Bishop’s website, who is one of my favourite energy readers, and I was so pleased to see her post from the 18th November 09,   The Opening of 11:11 and the New Energy Surge , literally within minutes of reading her post my phone began to ring and I was invited for an interview for a part-time post I had applied for.  The office I had been working at on a temporary basis also got in touch later that day needing me to come in once again to help out in the coming weeks.  Since the 19th of November I have been out of the void and existing on the fringes of 3-d reality.  I say this because as the 09.09.09 portal separated the old 3-d world from the new world I have noticed that my contact with others has been very limited.  Even the new part-time job I have is working during the nights, keeping me safe from the harsher energies as my body has now become extremely sensitive to the lower denser energies.

In my last post ‘Life in the void, being broke, and loving every minute of it?’, I described the process of what life was like when going through periods of what is termed ‘in the void’.  During the process of ascension or spiritual awakening, these quiet moments are extremely important.  As the body is lifting its vibration, purging and releasing the most one can do  is get lots of rest, cry if you need to, drink plenty of water and get out of the way of our higher selves, so that we can create the necessary connections for our next phase.  These void periods come in cycles and there is no exact time frame for how long they last.  I have had void periods that last only for a couple of months to almost a year.  It really depends on how much processing and releasing your body needs and how you react to the process. 

From the many responses I have had privately and here on the blog many of you are also experiencing this, which is very normal and common for those of us now choosing to awake.  So, some of you may just be entering void periods and others may be coming out and reemerging once again.  There is no right or wrong and we are all moving along on different timelines to get to the same point, it is all part of the process.  So enjoy these times and think about what you truly want in your life and what you no longer will tolerate.

Now, more than anytime our lives are being dismantled and restructured as we hurdle towards 2012 and beyond.  2012 is not about the end of the world,  this is an old timeline that has been eradicated with the energy of the harmonic convergence. It will however be very much a marker of new beginnings for our new ways of life and what we belive is ‘real’.  For me I forsee 2012 and the next two years 2010 and 2011 ushering in the dismantling of our mind control programmes for those that want to awake.  When you move beyond the manipulation and mind control programmes of the 3d world you really understand just what is going on in our world, and it ain’t pretty… at all.  I am not convinced that everyone will wake up or that we will all hold hands and sing songs of love.  There will still be alot of problems to overcome, but I do believe it will become harder for our governments to decieve us, and for us to decieve ourselves, at least for a small percentage of us.

So while you experience your void periods try to relax and know that you are being guided.  When it’s over, you will soon be busy and will want another rest soon.

Valentine St Aubyn